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NLDS GM3: ‘Can You Outrun Destiny?’

At least we got to see a good game?

That's not going to make you feel any better about the Cardinals 5-3 loss to the Pirates Sunday afternoon. I know. But talking about all the could/should/would haves can get depressing real quick.

If I'd had told you that Liriano was out after 6 innings. That Carlos Beltran was 2/3 with 3 RBIs and that Joe Kelly held his own on the road… you'd have thought the Birds got the W. And probably fairly easily. 

They didn't. They lost.

And it's beginning to feel a lot like the season is slipping away

Sure, Mike Wacha could come out and blow everyone away Monday afternoon with a tremendous start. The Cards might just tee off on Morton, like they have before. Any number of things could happen that lead to a GM5 in STL.

Will it though? 

Sometimes destiny is hard to outrun. And while we're all here looking the other way to all this national hoopla surrounding the Pirates, we can't just pretend like anyone not affiliated with the Cardinals doesn't want this series to end in less than 24 hours.

Here's a post on FB you'd find funny, you know, if you were in a different mindset: 

Or how about this headline on Deadspin

People WANT the Pirates to win.


Sometimes you get steamrolled by momentum and nothing you do is going to stop it. Trust me, I hope that the Cardinals have another 2 wins left in their 2013 season. 

At this point, though, it's OK to see that the odds they do are dwindling.

They went to Pittsburgh. Put up a pretty OK fight. Left the stadium a loser for the second straight game. And now have the rookiest of rookies taking the ball for GM4.

Good luck. Hope it goes well. I'll be cheering for the new 'bad' guys. 

But I'll also know in the back of my head that we might just have run up against the team of destiny. 


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