Will Pujols Ever Play At Busch Stadium?

I was at the mall Sunday when a friend asked me about plantar fasciitis. 

"Isn't that the foot problem Albert Pujols had" she wondered. Actually, yes. He tried to play through it for years. Which in turn led to a partial tear of the left plantar fascia this past July and shut him down for the season. I reassured her that a sore foot doesn't automatically mean plantar fasciitis.

It did get me thinking about Albert, though. 

As far as the internet is concerned, he's rehabbing well. And LA Angels commentator and former MLBer Tim Salmon thinks that Pujols might never have his foot bother him again

In 2012 at least one Tweet per playoff win went something along the lines of 'I wonder how Pujols is enjoying this… FROM HOME!' It's like we were dumped and ended up with a SI swimsuit model (or whatever the equivalent is for females) – we just couldn't help taking a wide open shot.

Yes, I did see that a few times in 2013, too. But only a couple times. And over the hours of conversations, a thousand text messages, tons of e-mails and a dozen or so of posts I participated in this past October, not one of them mentioned Pujols. 

Outside of the obligatory Mike Wacha – where did this guy come from – name check.

By the time 2014 rolls around, I think we're all going to be pretty much over the Pujols era, at least insomuch that we can really start to appreciate all he did for the team while not being that pissed he took the money over our loyalty. 

Will we ever 100% understand it? No. Probably not. 

But, still, I think that the healing has gotten to a good point. And I was curious to see if the 2014 had the LA Angels coming to Busch Stadium. 

They aren't in 2014. They aren't in 2015 either. The soonest they could come to Busch Stadium is 2016.

That's the interleague schedule from Wikipedia.

As you see, the NL Central will be playing the AL West in 2016. Meaning that if Albert Pujols ever plays a game in Busch Stadium against the Cardinals, it will be at least 5 years removed from him leaving the team.

Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe MLB saved us. Maybe we would have booed the franchise leader in tons of categories and have regretted it. Maybe we would have made it more difficult for Pujols to ever get the due he deserves in this town and participate in it.

At this point, I suppose we'll just wish El Hombre the best on his recovery. 

We won't be seeing him anytime to soon to tell him any different. 


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