Game 6

WIN: 2011 Game 6 DVD/BlueRay Combo Pack

It's time for another Cards Diaspora EASY give-away. 

We don't ask you to fill out a form.

Or make a post on Facebook.

Or give us your SS#. And send us you baby pictures. And vote on a poll. And re-tweet this for extra entries. 

We just want you to predict the score of the Cardinals v. Phillies game for tonight (JUL 24th).

Closest to the score wins a St. Louis Cardinals Baseball's Greatest Games: 2011 World Series Game 6 DVD/BlueRay combo pack. (LINK HERE)

We did this give-a-way before and I can promise you that the winner was very, very happy. Because the second you put this in your DVD player or computer you're going to be taken back to the best night in Cardinals history. 

It never, ever gets old.

Why do we get this to give away again? Because we're going to plug the new iTunes MLB store where you can get all sorts of great MLB stuff and a few of you are going to head over there ASAP and buy some stuff that way we can keep giving away things on this site without having to make you do 1 million things to enter.

Some of the good stuff?

+ MLB Bloopers and Prime 9.

+ Official World Series Films dating back to 1947, including the 1969 and 1986 films.

+ The first season of “This Week In Baseball,” which originally aired in 1977,

+ A documentary offering a fresh perspective on Jackie Robinson’s life and career.  

Any of these films can now be downloaded from the iTunes store or by clicking the banner below.

Prices range from $1.99 for individual episodes of “Prime 9” and “This Week in Baseball” to $19.99 for the Official 2012 World Series Film in HD.

Post your guess in the comments below before 7:15 CT on JUL 23rd to win.


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