Can't do much worse than that. 

The Cardinals have been shut-out, held to fewer hits and committed more errors in a game this season, yes.

But to get mollywhopped at home with a chance to close the division lead  to 1 game coming off a dramatic 14 inning come-back win?

Again, yeesh.

The Cards scored a junk run in the 9th to make the box score look less ugly, but looking beyond the pig's lipstick paints a picture of putridness.

LOBsters? Only 2. At bats with RISP? 0-1. Batters 3-4-5? 1-9. 

But the most damning stat of all? 2:30. 

The Pirates came in, touched up Shelby Miller and left with absolutely no resistance. And did it in a tidy 2 hours and 30 minutes. Mike Matheny, once again, was forced to compliment the other pitcher after the game, not his own.

Francisco Liriano might just have a shot at the Cy Young if voters are watching his starts against the Cardinals. He carved up his division rivals like a plump Thanksgiving turkey, leaving no waste and the wishbone in tact. 

Time for the rubber game. A businessman's special tomorrow afternoon.

Time to see if the off-day on Wednesday was a fluke or the team, once again, comfortable perched on top of their laurels after a hard fought win. 


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