6th Annual CD NCAA BS Detector

6 years? How long are you guys seriously going to put up with this site? 

But since we're still around, we might as well run our NCAA Bracket challenge back.

It's called the BS Detector because if you didn't enter your bracket and you're claming to have picked the biggest upsets of the tournamnet, we aren't going to take your word for it. Enter via the link below and we'll believe.


As always, it's free to play, we aren't going to make you like anything, follow a new Twitter account or let you hashtag this on Intsagram for a better chance to win. We run our bracket through Yahoo!, so if you're interested in that Billion Dollar Bracket stunt, it's easy to enter that as well. 

You have unitl THU 03/20 @ 10:30a CT to enter your picks. Good luck. And let's hope you do better than last year. That was pretty brutal.

In order to make it worth your time, we'll be giving away $60 in 1 dollar bills and some other junk from the prize closet. 


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