A Moment Of Indulgence, If You Would

Twitter is the great equalizer.

When I was growing up, if you wanted to talk to a famous person or professional athlete, you had one option… write a letter that they’d never get and wait for a response that would never come.

Kids these days? They just fire up the Twitter machine and talk to anyone and everyone. Now, 99% of the time, they don’t get a response. But if you catch the right person at the right time?

Tweet DW

I mean, it doesn’t always work out perfect, but still.

Anyway, for some of the very select few users, the people that inspire you will even FOLLOW you. Now that’s a big deal.

So when this popped up last night, I just had to share:


That’s right.

Tommy Herr. THE Tommy Herr is now following this drivel.

Welcome to the show, Mr. Herr. Thanks for following.

Photo: Pinterest


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