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A Tale Of Two Lynns

Lance Lynn has always had somewhat of a duel reputation.

Or at least as much a reputation as a pitcher can accumulate in 2 seasons. Still, while he started the ’12 and ’13 seasons strong, he seemingly faded down the stretch. In 2014, though, he’s taken this Lynn duality to a new level.

Game by game Lynnsanity!

Let’s take a look at just his last 4 starts:

Game Log Lynn

May 27th & June 13th… those are A+ starts. 17 combined innings. 0 runs. 7 hits. Both quality opponents. Starts that make you look at Lance Lynn and think that he could a front line starter. Hell, even an ace on some teams.

June 1st & June 6th… those are rough. 8.1 combined innings. 6 runs. 14 hits. Both quality opponents. Starts that make you wonder what the Cardinals are doing messing around with Carlos Martinez in the bullpen. Hell, wondering if he’d get anything decent on the trade market.

Wish I had an answer to what would prompt the good Lynn to show up for most of his starts. I bet the Cardinals do too.

But for now, we’ll have to take it when we get it and look for other stabilizing factors in the world. Like Granite City. Do me a favor – never change, Granite City.


That might be the most perfect Post-Dispatch story of all time. Click the image if you want to read the whole thing.

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