Amadee Wohlschlaeger, Sports & Weatherbird Cartoonist Dies At 102

If you’ve lived in St. Louis at any point in the past century, you’re familiar with The Weatherbird. 5376dfcb6b311.preview-620

The Weatherbird debuted in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 1901 and has existed ever since. It remains the oldest continuously published daily cartoon today. You might not like the P-D. You might not read the paper anymore. But you know The Weatherbird. And probably like The Weatherbird.

Amadee Wohlschlaeger (who rarely used his last name) drew The Weatherbird from 1932 to 1981. He passed away today at the age of 102. The Post-Dispatch has his obituary: LINK HERE

The antidotes about Mr. Wohlschlaeger are numerous and his regular sports cartoons were sometimes edgy. As you watch tonight’s game with Tim McCarver, this story might be fitting:

In 1969, the Cardinals were languishing in fourth place and Amadee infuriated catcher Tim McCarver with a cartoon showing shotgun-wielding manager Red Schoendienst about to blast the Redbirds off a telephone cable.

McCarver ran up to Amadee in the clubhouse, and, in front of an audience, bumped up against him with his chest protector.

“Just what the hell does that cartoon mean?” McCarver demanded.

Amadee, a powerful man with strong hands, shot back: “It means that some of you SOBs aren’t going to be around next year.” (Before the next season, the Cardinals did indeed trade McCarver.)

Let’s hope the P-D steps up their game tomorrow with the cartoon and honors Mr. Wohlschlaeger appropriatly. After all, not many people hold a job for 5 decades.

BTW – The most popular song of 1932? Fred Astaire & Leo Reisman with “Night & Day”. In 1981? Kim Carnes with “Betty Davis Eyes”.

Oh, and let’s hope the real-life version grabs 4 beers tonight instead of the usual 2.

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