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An Evening With Tony LaRussa? Now?

I’m not here to spend your money. More appropriately, prevent you from spending your money.

But I’m just not sure what the Cardinals are thinking with this particular promotion:

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Tony LaRussa works for another MLB team that plays in the same league as the Cardinals. He is being paid, at least how it relates to us, to figure out ways to make the Cardinals less successful.

Once he retires or comes to work with the Cardinals, this would seem like a nice evening, maybe something worth checking out.

But in 2014?

It’s just weird.

The Cardinals have done quite enough for LaRussa. They’ve retired his number. They’ve inducted him into their Hall of Fame. They’ve had a night at Busch Stadium in his honor. They’ve put his image on the outfield wall.

LaRussa, on the other hand, had made it clear that he isn’t finished with his baseball career.

That’s cool. It’s America.

But you simply can’t keep having events and bestowing honors on a guy who isn’t done trying to beat you.

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