Buy The Cardinals Media Guide Because They Told You To

The Cardinals are hot.

Winners of 5 in a row and 3 games up in the NL Central, it’s probably the first week all season long where the fans are in a really good mood. Things are HAPPENING man.

Time for the Cardinals marketing team to pounce.

Quick. What the heck do we need to get rid of before the season ends? I GOT IT! MEDIA GUIDES!


Blast that out to everyone!

What is a media guide? From Wikipedia:

A media guide is a sports-related press kit, distributed as a book or binder, and published by American sporting teams before the start of the sporting season. It features information relating to the team players, history, statistical records and other similar items. Media guides are usually distributed to sports journalists to assist in their broadcasting of the team game.

Is it the beginning of the season? Are you a broadcaster?


SHADUP and buy this, you rube. It says Cardinals on it, does it not? How is that not good enough for you? Are you trying to make Bill DeWitt mad?




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