Cardinals New Plan: Tire Other Guys Out

We thought the Cardinals would just kind of out-talent other teams in 2014. 

Turns out the new plan is just to get everyone so much scoring in Spring Training that they just are tired of it before the regular season starts.



On Sunday, the Nationals touched up Joe Kelly for 5 earned runs and Seth Maness for another 3 before surrendering 11-1.

Wasn't good enough. 11 runs ain't going to accomplish the goal.

So Monday, the boys in red re-doubled their efforts and yielded a whopping 17 runs to the Tigers. That's the spirit Tyler Lyons (7ER), Lee Stoppelman (5ER) and Shelby Miller (2ER) – you guys got the skip's message loud and clear!

Tuesday, though? Well it didn't go so well. Not only could they not get to double digits, only giving up 9 runs to the Mets, but Wainwright totally flopped and only let 1 in through 3.1 innings. Tim Cooney, though? Good looking youngster. 5ER in less than 1 inning of work? Nice.

If you're counting at home, that's 37 runs in 3 days. Or an average of 12.3 runs/game. 

YES… it's Spring Training. Well aware.

In the big picture this is pretty meaningless. You know, until it actually bleeds into the regular season and it isn't. 

For his part, Mike Matheny isn't happy with the Cardinals play this spring

You know, unless that's a cover-up for his master plan. Dang that guy is GOOD.


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