Cardinals Sartorialist: 2014 All Star Game Hats

This is the new cap that St. Louis Cardinals All-Stars will wear during the game.

I get it.

The Cardinals aren’t making this decision for themselves. They’re part of the MLB merchandise machine. They’re just sending out the e-mails containing this cap because MLB mandated they send out the e-mails.

But is anyone trying that hard with this design? This is a corporate crowd-sourced hat come-to-life:


Instead of having the front panel be all red, we can slightly curve in some blue. It’ll be like a sail! Everyone likes sails, right? Oh, and don’t forget the patch.

We done here? Ok, we’re done here. TPS reports on my desk by 3.

(Side, the more I look at it, I don’t hate it. I guess I’m just curious to why I’d want to buy this over a regular Cardinals cap?)



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