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Cards Fan On Pawn Stars Could Be Real Hero Of 2011

I think we’d all had enough sports last night.

Flipping through the channels, I came upon that guy you see up above. He was walking into Gold & Silver Pawn in Las Vegas, Nevada. AKA the set of History Channel’s ‘Pawn Stars’.

If you haven’t seen the show, it pretty much follows this template.

And when Cardinals dude arrives with Steve Kaufman originals rolled up in a tube, you kind of knew that it was going to be a rough day at the pawn shop for our buddy. A quick Google search pulls up some Kaufman art going for around 13K:


The PS guys don’t dispute the authenticity of the pieces he has brought in. But (rightfully) want to know why they look cut out of a frame and why in the hell he’s storing them in a poster tube.

Side: I’d have given $10 to hear him say, “it’s the Cardinals way”.

Long story short, he gets $100 for his stash. One with 2 zeros. Wasn’t a typo.

I wanted to find a video clip for you guys. Turns out it’s not on the History Channel’s website or on YouTube. The episode is called ‘Double Trouble’ and it premiered on September 6th 2010.

I looked up the game the Cardinals played that night… turns out it was an 8-6 win over the Brewers. Pujols was 2-3 (of course), but many other oddities abounded. You know who got the win? Mitchell Boggs. You know who got intentionally walked? Colby Rasmus. You know who you forgot ever played for the Cardinals? Felipe Lopez!

A mere 13 months later, the Cardinals were on the way to the most dramatic World Series pretty much ever. And no one even bothered to thank Pawn Stars Cardinals fan with art storage problems.

We change that today.

Photo: @JBuch41


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