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Did Someone Let The Blues Talk To The Cardinals?

I mean, really. What’s going on out there? Vince, any answers?

The Cardinals lost to the Brewers for the second straight night in extra innings Tuesday. And for the second straight night, the Cardinals blew a lead they accumulated early and squat on until the Brewers caught them.

Let’s look at the carnage:

1) The Cardinals struck out 17 times in 41 at bats. I promise you that this is not a typo. 17 times.

2) Matt Carpenter was 0-6. Mark Ellis was 0-5. Matt Holliday was 0-4. So three position players out of eight went 0-15 on the night.

3) Allen Craig went 1-4, but dipped below .200 (.194) again.

And most importantly, this…

mlb standings - Google Search - (Private Browsing)

That’s a .500 record and a 6.5 game hole the Cardinals have dug themselves into. At a certain point, it’s tough to shrug off the losing and weak hitting as a slow start. The struggle is real.

Oh, and did we mention that 4 Brewer starters (including Ryan Braun and Aramis Ramirez) sat this one out? So it was the JV team out there that that Cardinals got beat by. Perfect.

The STL sports scene is pretty grim right now.

The Blues, one of the NHL’s best regular season teams in 2013-14 just got bounced from the playoffs for the second straight year in the first round. Those who care about Mizzou are wondering if a DII coach can extinguish the dumpster fire that is Tiger basketball. The Rams (we assume) are going to blow it at the draft.

But the Cardinals?

They’re supposed to be our civic pride. And now they’re sucking wind.

The Birds need to take tomorrow’s series finale from the Brewers and get to Chicago ASAP for some Cub therapy. April has been a month to forget.

Photo: Bleacher Report


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