‘Evening With Bob Gibson’: A Cardinals Cash Grab?

Moments ago, an e-mail came through to the Cards Diaspora inbox with the subject: “An Evening With Bob Gibson”.

Gibby? One of the all time greats? We’d like to have an evening with Bob Gibson.

Turns out it wasn’t some super-awesome thank you from the Cardinals for our years of hard blogging. But instead an opportunity to spend a few hundred dollars at Busch Stadium when baseball is dark for the All-Star Game break.

Bob GibsonNo indication on the e-mail, or the clicked through site that these monies go to anyone but the Cardinals, Bob Gibson or Dan McLaughlin (as opposed to Cardinals Care).

So it looks like the Cardinals are now using the all-time greats of the franchise to try and squeeze out some extra mid-season revenue.

Let’s just hope Dan gets his fair share…. 3 hours of Q&A over 2 nights? At a cocktail party? Maybe that part wasn’t thought all the way through.

Photo: STL Sports History


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