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International Exposure For The Cardinals

The Cardinals are 31-30, 14-16 on the road and 16-14 at home.

They’ve lost 7 out of their last 10 games, including dropping 3 of 4 to the KC Royals who have been absent from the MLB playoffs longer than any other team currently playing. One of those wins took extra innings and a historically great effort from Matt Carpenter.

Most of my Cardinals game viewing is on a computer. For some reason, I was being taped during the 9th inning last night:


Just for the record, that was before Peter Bourjos struck out to end any threat of a tie. I’m not sure which front office member suggested Petey spend the summer with Adam Dunn taking hitting tips, but that person deserves a big wedgie.

Now the Cardinals take this shit show international!

The Blues Jays of Toronto are licking their chops. They’ve won 5 in a row. 8 of their past 10. And lead the always formidable AL East by 5.5 games. No, not a misprint. 5.5 games.

Edwin Encarnacion has 19 home runs. All the Cardinals have 32.

I just recently visited Ontario, and now that the French Open (yes, seriously) and Stanley Cup playoffs are winding down, the TSN’s and SportsNet’s are putting the Jays front and center. Expect bigger than normal crowds this weekend as Canada’s baseball team tries to put the Cardinals under .500.

UNDER .500?

It’s June! Not April! How is a team that has this much talent and sans major injuries be flirting with .500 in June? Some have suggested that the Cardinals fans are spoiled. I prefer to think we’ve got higher standards. But it doesn’t mask the fact that the 2014 season is starting to mount toward a pretty epic bed wetting.

Let’s go, men.

It’s time to use this roadie to reflect on the first 1/3 of the season and then forget it. Play to what you are, not where you’ve been. You’re the mother-trucking NL champs.

Act like it.

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