Jhonny Perlata: All Star?

On my daily tour around the blog-o-sphere I saw a headline that made me chuckle: “Jhonny Peralta Performing At All-Star Pace For St. Louis Cardinals” – LULZ. Dude needs to get back on the clean AND the clear AMIRITE?!

Then Author Todd Bennett points out some interesting stats:

  • 2.0 WAR (As of my research 1.7)
  • .818 OPS
  • .967 Fielding Percentage

So basically, if you exclude MVP frontrunner Troy Tulowitzki from the conversation, Peralta is the best shortstop in the NL and maybe the MLB?

It’s freaking true, guys:

NL SSThere is just no way around it. Peralta is not only going to be an All-Star, but he’s going to be of value with his contract.

The more you know.

Photo: Fox Sports


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