Monday Check In: Spring Training Week 2

Wouldn't blame you one bit if you're waiting until right before the regular season to start really paying attention to what's going on in Jupiter. 

The Blues are on fire. March Madness starts this week. And for the past couple of days we've been without biting cold and snow.

So, you know, you could actually choose to go outside instead of watching Sam Gaviglio and Lee Stoppleman do work.

We're here to get you caught up so you can be the most informed at work or on Xbox Live.

Spring Training Week 2

Biggest Story? The signing of Cuban SS Aledmys Diaz. Not totally unexpected, since he was in Cardinals camp for a workout on February 20th, but it's official now and he'll start practicing and playing with the club today. Virtually no chance for him to break camp with the MLB team, but a very interesting minor league storyline with a potential for a call-up in season.

Record? 2-4-2 (In a quirk you can only see in the spring, the Cardinals haven't had a decision since Friday.)

Oscar Taveras Watch? 1-6, 1 2B, R (Reports of tight hamstrings have limited his plate appearances and have all but assured him a AAA start in '14)

Injuries? Sans the Garcia problems (that Jamie thinks could be a positive), the Cardinals have been fairly injury free this spring. The aforementioned Taveras hamstrings are something to keep an eye on.

Outlook? Should be an exciting week as Diaz gets his first action, the starters are stretched to 4+ innings and the regulars start to get more ABs. 


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