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Nerd Alert!

Ok, do you like rankings, lists and charts?

If not, thanks for coming by and we'll see you tomorrow. But if you do… well, strap in. Because the lovable, huggable nerds at MIT have started the (probably) most ambitious rankings of all time. It's called Pantheon. And they're mapping historical cultural production across humanity from 4000 BC until 2010.

Wha? Huh? How?

It's pretty cool. Basically, the threshold for world cultural relevance is having a Wikipedia entry in at least 25 different languages. If you meet that requirement, then you get ranked.

You can make your own charts and even search for people on the list to see where they rank in comparison to people in their industry, the same age and more.

Here's St. Louisan Chuck Berry's page:

I took the time to see if any STL athletes were on the list, and I couldn't find one. Pujols, Musial, Warner, Faulk, Hull and Pettit all didn't make the cut.

Jesus Christ tops Week 1's power rankings. Followed by Confucius, Newton, Mozart and Da Vinci.

Click Here to see if you can find an STL athlete. And if you do, please post it in the comments. But I'm pretty sure that we're out of luck. Heck, if you can find another St. Louisan, I'd love to see that too.

The folks over at Regressing have more about the project. Enjoy!


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