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So Derrick Goold Now Has Us All Freaked

Derrick Goold is a good writer.

And I’m always happy when a reporter gets information that’s pertinent, timely and gives context to something I’m interested in – like the Cardinals. But this AM when I got on the Post-Dispatch’s sports section and saw this little call-out box?


Oh. Oh no.

First of all, Goold writes like 3 things a day. Also, even though it’s not true on the web, per se, paper editors like to save their juiciest stuff for the Sunday paper, if they can. So when you get a Goold piece on a Sunday in a call-out box position on their site’s most popular page?

Oh. Oh no.

The Cardinals have had a dubious history with injuries the last decade. And most of them (like Joe Kelly’s hammy) are injuries where reams on reams of medical information exist. So if you’re telling me that the Cardinals are “perplexed” by an injury, but are still the ones tasked with healing him from said injury?

Well, that’s like having your toddler flunk his adding and subtracting tables test so you move him on to your 1040 form… with hundreds of deductions.

Did we mention that Jamie Garcia also is dealing with nebulous shoulder problems. He used to be the Cardinals next generation stud. Now? We treat him like the ice cream man- nice to have come around, but definitely not on a set schedule.

Deep. Breaths.

No two players are the same. At least the Cardinals are being upfront. They seemed to have caught this thing they know nothing about early.

There are some ‘positives’.

But dang it, Derrick. Couldn’t you have held this one back from your editors until Monday? Go read the whole thing if you want to ruin whatever you had planned this Sunday.

Photo: Jody Hedlund


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