Spring Training Check-In: Week 3

We're past St. Patrick's Day.

That means Spring Training is in full tilt as this point. Rosters are getting slimmed down. Regulars are getting their ABs and innings up.

Bernie is giving us the blueprint on how to snipe at Mike Matheny this year during the Cardinals first 3-game losing streak.

We're moving in on April people.

But with the Blues bearing down on a President's Cup, the NCAA Tournament starting tonight and the first week of sustained temperatures above 40 degrees this year… you're going to wait until the games mean something before you start paying attention.

Here's what you missed last week (plus a day).

Spring Training Week 3

Biggest Story? That would be Lance Lynn's dominant 10 strikeout performance against the Atlanta Braves last Thursday. You know you've done twirled a gem when it makes a prime spot on SportsCenter before April.

Record? 6-9-2 (4-5 since we last checked in.)

Oscar Taveras Watch? Well, the send off to minor league camp was swift and it was not protracted. He officially won't be starting the season in St. Louis.

Injuries? None of note that would keep any player out more than a game. So far, the only setbacks have been Garcia's shoulder (no update), Taveras hamstrings (mending) and Jason Motte's recovery (a bit slower than he'd have liked).

Other Items Of Note? Joe Kelly had a rare 3-3 day at the plate for the Cardinals on Saturday and Jayson Stark wrote about it for ESPN. Corey Noles from The Daily Statesman checks in with the most disappointing Cardinals of the spring so far.

Reason For Concern? The Cardinals pitching has been lit up (again) for 20 runs in the past two games against the Red Sox and Mets. Butler and Lyons were tagged with the losses, so it's not cause for alarm, just concern. But after a 4 game winning streak to correct a serious list, the Cardinals are back to getting shelled.


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