The Best Beer In Baseball: Cardinals Rank 20th

Who said good reporting was dead?

The Washington Post’s Kevin Schaul, Kelyn Soong and Dan Steinberg have created a wonderful online resource that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the beer selection in every MLB stadium.

You’re a Cardinals fan, though. And you want to know where Busch Stadium ranks. Spoiler alert: beer enthusiasts aren’t too keen on mass-produced domestics and the Cardinals play in ‘Busch Stadium’…


Ok, so not as bad as I expected. 20th would be a C- if we were grading the selection. Considering this is the write up on Seattle, this isn’t a disaster:

About 70 percent of Safeco Field’s 700 beer handles are devoted to “good, quality craft beer,” according to Steve Dominguez, the general manager of Centerplate’s operations at Safeco Field. Sales of craft-style products crush those of domestic-style mass market beers, by a ratio of about 4-1. The stadium bought three cask engines this year to allow for cask-conditioned ales throughout the stadium, and they offer a hearty list of 22-ounce craft bombers from breweries like Pyramid, Oskar Blues, No-Li and Rogue. Next year, the stadium plans to introduce recommended beer-and-food pairings throughout its concession stands.

I don’t even know what a cask-engine is. But I do know they employ a team of people to keep beer lines pristine at all times for maximum quality. Something tells me SportsService (or whatever they’re called now) aren’t flushing the lines after every game. Or season.


Looks like UCBC is going to be getting this article framed, eh?

Call me a man of the people, but I’m just going to guess that Busch Ice was left off this list because scoring anything over 100 would have broke the formula.

Head over to the Post for the whole article and to check out other cool interactive features.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the Cubs finished 27th in the rankings.

Photo: Washington Post


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