The Best Parts Of The ESPN/Pujols Piece

ESPN is making the rounds during Spring Training. 

And they got me. Putting an article on the front page of ESPN is going to get at least 1 click. Most of the time, I regret going back down this rabbit hole. But tonight? Not so much.

There were so many good quotes and nuggets that I had to make a top 5. Again, this was ESPN, not The Onion. All of these things appear in digital print on ESPN.com right now.

Don't believe me, here you go

5. The plantar fasciitis that began tormenting him in 2004 never screamed louder than last summer. Maybe it was just wear and tear over time or, as Pujols suspects, the hard spring training fields in Arizona helped aggravate his condition.

Can someone look into this? Billy Nye? Someone? Are baseball fields really that varied in their ground density?

4. Each morning, Pujols arrives early and takes 20 to 30 swings off a tee and a few more against soft tosses before the Angels gather in the clubhouse to go over the day's activities. Then he takes part in infield and batting practice before hopping on a bus or returning to the clubhouse for a breather.

Nope. Not giving any ammunition to the crowd that thinks he's pushing 40. Not at all.

3. Even his teammates know enough to give him his space.

Good to see that Albert has been mellowed by SoCal. 

2. Pujols: "I always say to people, 'Don’t look at my first two years with the Angels. Just look at what I've done at the end of my contract, and you can judge it then."

I'm going to go way out on a limb and say Albert should table this talking point. 

1. Pujols Again: "To me, it's about being healthy," he said. "I've got that gift and talent. I know I'm going to hit in this game until I'm 50 years old." 

That wasn't made up. Fact check it. Click on the link above. It's totally not made up.


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