The Cardinals Have A Sense Of Humor After All

I only subscribe to one comedy e-mail…

The one put out by the St. Louis Cardinals, of course.

Now they got a lot of crap last week for not having a sense of humor about the whole Jonathan Lucroy video, but if you don’t think the Cardinals love to laugh – well, check your e-mail.

At 5:52 I got a note encouraging me to get my STL Cards “Home Run Derby Cap”.


Derby Caps

Now most of these e-mails are bone dry. Kind of Onion-esque, if you will. But if you don’t think this is absolutely hilarious, then you better take a look in the mirror.

Any team that has the stones to send out a Home Run Derby mailer while propping up the other 29 MLB teams in – wait for it… wait for it… – HOME RUNS – is as good as Louis CK or John Oliver in my book.

Well done, Redbirds.

Photo: IXDaily


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