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The Cardinals Rug Market Is Real & It’s A Thing

We try our best to get some content on this site most days of the week.

Some days the stories write themselves, be it player performances, managerial questioning or porn on a pitchers timeline… it’s not to hard to have a hot take.

Other days, though, are a bit more challenging. Often times I find myself going to Google News just to see if I missed anything.

Almost every time I start to type in ‘Cardinals’ Google does the thing where it starts to guess what’s coming next and almost every time ‘Cardinals Rugs’ is an option it gives me. I never chose ‘Cardinals Rugs’.

Until today.

And now, I’m intrigued. So many rugs. So expensive. Just who is buying huge, high quality Cardinals area rugs? And for what purpose?

How many man caves slash basement bars can St. Louis have?

Rug 1

I mean, $700 is a healthy portion of tickets. To actually see the Cardinals. $700 is a new (and really nice) TV. $700 is a rent payment.

Rugs 2

It’s not just one option, either. This appears to be a nice little niche market. Rugs. With the Cardinals logo on it.

There is no point here.

Ok, maybe one.

When someone questions just why the Cardinals have the Best Fans In Baseball, ask them how hot their team’s rug market is.

Then drop the mic.

Photo: Kotulas


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