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The Dresscode For Ballpark Village

And we were worried about the ‘classiness’ of Ballpark Village.

Turns out everyone’s favorite Opening Day curiosity in St. Louis has a few rules they’d like you to abide by. Including, but not limited to, getting the hell out of the place if you’re not 21 and it’s past 9p.

But does it have a racially charged dress code? That’s the big question that everyone wants to now. And the answer is a resounding YES!

The list of things that shall not be worn?

+ Sleeveless Shirts

+ Tank Tops

+ Athletic Shorts (after dark)

+ Sweat Suits

+ Team Jersey (sans game days)

+ Sagging Pants

+ Excessively Long Shirts

+ Hats (on some levels)

+ Exposed Undergarments

First off, the bro crowd is very upset about this. It’s been a long winter and when the sun’s out? Guns out. But they were crushing Tinder dates at BPV before it opened. It’s old news. They’ll move on to the next place.

But the rest of that dress code? Sounds like they’ve got someone in mind. And the American Civil Liberties Union thinks they know who…

From March 7th in the Post-Dispatch.

This isn’t a good look for anyone. Not the Cardinals (who maintain that the the dress codes are only applicable to the spaces that are rented to other business and not to the common areas, which will maintain the same dress standards as Busch Stadium). Not the Cordish Cos. (who still haven’t figured out how to get some PR firm out on this story ahead of time). Not St. Louis (getting lumped in with Kansas City and Louisville… ugh).

Ballpark Village. Where nothing is easy.

It took almost a decade to figure out how to build this complex and 2 weeks before it opens up, they’ve got civil rights leaders up in arms?

We can do better, St. Louis. We can.


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