Updated Odds To Win 2014 World Series

The Cardinals have lost 5 out the the past 7 games. All of these games have been played in front of massive, adoring crowds at Busch stadium.

Here are the updated odds to win the 2014 World Series via VegasInsider.com:

OddsCardinals still at 9/1, tied with the Giants, who just worked them over this past weekend. They’re a whole 5 points better than the Yankees, who just worked them over this past week.

Looks like the Cardinals have become a public team (like the Cowboys or Yankees) where the sharps are going to look to bet against them since the public is just betting their reputation instead of the data.

After all, 57 games into the season, you kind of have an identity as a team. So far, the Cardinals have been trying on and kind of owning the ‘meh’ look. 30-27. Beat some bad teams. Get beat by good teams. Don’t fall to far behind. Can’t get things running too hot.

Just meh.

Also, no way the Astros are 6.5X worse than the Cubs.

Photo: Sticky Baltimore


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