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Vote: Traitor Fan Or Playing Nice With The Locals?

I have a friend.

Hard to believe, but it’s true.

And this friend is a Cardinals fan. We’ve been to several Cardinals games together. He owns Cardinal paraphernalia. He grew up near St. Louis.

Point is, I can confirm that he has sat in Busch Stadium, with Cardinals gear on and cheered for the Cardinals to do well.

His love for The Lou runs so deep (according to him) that it inspired him to get a interlocking STL tattoo on his back. It isn’t a dedicated Cardinals tattoo, per se (i.e. birds on bat or ‘Cardinals’ script), but it is the logo of the Cardinals they wear on their hats.

So when this pic popped up on my Facebook feed, I was a bit taken aback:

Royals Fans

The faces have been removed to protect his identity, but we have confirmation that this was not Photoshopped. He was indeed at a Royals game in a Royals shirt.

Here are the facts:

  • He lives in Kansas City.
  • His wife is from Kansas City and is a Royals fan.
  • This was a random AL game that had no impact on the Cardinals.

We can’t dispute those facts. They are truths. But it didn’t stop a wicked text messaging thread to develop last night calling for him to do everything from burn his shirt to defect completely from Cardinal Nation.

Personally, I’m on the fence with this one.

Is it OK to go to a random baseball game in another city that has no impact on the Cardinals and wear the home teams gear? Would you do it? Let’s vote…

Would You Do What Our Un-Named Friend Did?



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