What Are The Cardinals Worth?

The annual list of MLB franchise values has been released by Forbes. money

The Cardinals are worth 823M dollars, the 8th most valuable out of 30 teams. They generated 283M dollars last season while operating at a 65+M profit. They drew in 3.3+M fans, the 9th consecutive season that they’ve surpassed the 3M/year attendance threshold.

The most valuable MLB team is the New York Yankees (2.5B), followed by the Dodgers (2B), Red Sox (1.5B) and Cubs (1B). The only other team to crack the 1B worth valuation was the San Fransisco Giants (1B).

Now these numbers are more for fun than anything. Shark Tankesque back of the book business doodles that aren’t meant to be taken all that seriously. If you walked up to Mr. Bill DeWitt Jr. with a check for 823M dollars, I’m almost positive he’d say ‘thanks, but I’m good’.

Deals like the ones the Cardinals have with Ballpark Village are hard to value at this point. Even if the development is a smash hit in year 1, YoY growth will be a better indicator if it’s something that’s going to be profitable in the next 10-20 years.

The Cardinals TV rights will also be up for review in the next 3 years. That’s a guaranteed boost in revenue. Probably a big boost too.

Another couple of deep postseason runs and the Cardinals could have a 1B valuation on Forbes list in the next couple of years. And if you’re a potential buyer? The price tag to actually own the Cardinals is probably already there.

The least valuable, you ask? The Tampa Bay Rays at 485M.

And just for grins, the rest of the NL Central? Brewers (565M) Pirates (572M) and Reds (600M).


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