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What Exactly Is Going On Up There In Milwaukee?

Did you know that the Brewers already have more home wins (6) than the Bucks do for the entire NBA season (5)?

The Bucks are going to end up with the NBA’s worst record and are actively gunning for the most lottery balls in the upcoming draft , but still. That’s terrible.

But the Brewers are doing pretty dang well. In fact, they are running away with team everyone is throwing into the conversation just to prove they’re watching a ton a baseball. But just how good have they been?

Let’s take a peek at the NL Central standings:

NL Central Standings

10-2? 9 Wins in a row?

Friends, the Cardinals are in for quite the early season series.

Seriously, though. The Brewers? Ryan Braun is back. Is he just dominating everything? Is he hitting 3 home runs in every game and we’ve just not been paying attention?

Actually, he’s kind of not. His average is .295 with an OBP of .319. He has 3 home runs and 10 RBIs, but all 3 home runs and 7/10 of his RBIs came in a single game against the Phillies.

The rest of the Brewers offense isn’t exactly lighting the earth on fire either. They rank 11th in the MLB in runs scored. 15th in OBP. And 7th in OPS. Not bad by any stretch of the imagination. But not scorched earth.

You know where this is going…

Pitching LineYup.

That’s what’s going on. The Brewers are absolutely silencing the sticks. Take a look at the entire staff’s line:

StatsThat’s pretty much complete domination through 1/16 of the MLB schedule.

So it’s pretty simple, friends. Can the Cardinals get to the Brewers pitching? Is Allen Craig ready to get it cranked up? How about Jhonny Peralta? Pete? You ready to battle?

I don’t think anyone is quite sure what the Brewers have for the long run. We know they’re probably not as good as they’re playing right now. But we don’t know what the floor is either. And if the Cardinals lose this series and fall 4+ games back in the division before mid-April… well, that won’t be good. Will it?

Photo: NY Daily News



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