Jay Bowling

Who Wants To Bowl W/ Jon Jay & Allen Craig?

Who loves bowling? How about the Cardinals? You love them too? Washington Avenue? You like Wash Ave?

It’s your lucky day.

Because Jon Jay and Allen Craig are going to host a night of bowling for you in less than three weeks at Flamingo Bowl.

Jay&Craig BowlingYou can visit the site for more details.

Whatever you do, come looking good. The attire, as you can see, is ‘upscale evening’ and you aren’t fresh to death, then you will be excised across the street to the defunct Shiver Vodka Bar where you will be stuffed in the back room freezer to think about your life.

In case you wanted some predictions? Jay looks like he could roll a 160. Craig would be lucky to get 130 without bumpers.

Photo: JayCraigBowling.com


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