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You Decide: Misspelling or Trying To Be Cute

Ozzie Smith is hosting a concert at the Peabody Opera House to support PGA Reach.

Some light research on PGA Reach doesn’t turn up much. They don’t show up on Charity Navigator and their mission statement is fairly vague:

“[PGA Reach] focuses its resources and volunteers on keeping kids in school.  As part of that, it recognizes that 80% of youth’s waking hours are spent outside of the classroom. PGA REACH has partnered with local organizations, corporations, and the community to invest in filling idle time for at-risk youth in our neighborhoods by creating meaningful change through new relationships, educational assistance, and greater access to activities.”

ESPN’s Outside The Lines has done investigative reporting on the PGA in general.

But let’s hope the proceeds from this go to the right places. They deserve the benefit of the doubt. Because I really want to know if the promo poster that was sent to my e-mail was trying to be cute or had a bad misspelling?

Ozzie & Friends - Special Benefit Concert - athooks@gmail.com - Gmail - (Private Browsing)

Again, it’s Ozzie. So we’ll have to give him the benefit of the doubt and say whatever production team he hired was trying to do something here. But would a GH replacing a T sold less tickets? Would it have thrown off the look of the piece?

We may never know. And where’s Nelly? Did he not make this cut of ‘friends’?

Photo: NY Daily News


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