You Decide: Screwed Again?

It’s been 29 years, but to some, “the call” is still one of the defining moments of their baseball watching lives. Jorge Orta was called safe by Don Denkinger at first base changing the course of the game and the World Series irrevocably.

Monday night, another close play at first when Matt Carpenter checked a runner at second before throwing over to Allen Craig at first. That split second cost the Birds. Runner safe at first.

1985 World Series. 2014 regular season beatdown. So no, the stakes weren’t the same. And even with the benefit of instant replay, the Cardinals still couldn’t catch a break. But when you look at the side by side? Man that’s a close call that I think the umps got wrong. Again.

Wouldn’t have changed the fact the Cardinals can’t score anymore… but still… one of these days, they’ll get a call against the Royals at first.

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