Here’s the V-Day Card Your Grandma is Sending You

Hey, Happy Valentine’s Day, gang. We’re grateful that today’s the one day a year you’re in too good of a mood to send us hate mail. I’m sure Hooks would have some kind words to say if he liked any of you. Maybe next year. No, you know we CHOO-CHOO-CHOOSE YOU! Now look at this below, […]


The First Cards/Cubs Showdown of 2012 Happened Last Night

If you haven’t been keeping up with Baseball IQ on MLB Network, we probably wouldn’t work out as friends. It’s basically a Stump the Schwab-type trivia show about baseball, minus the Schwab (if you don’t know what Stump the Schwab was, well…we are bitter, heated rivals who need to throw down). Wednesday night, a man […]


The Leaked Rap Song Titled… Albert Pujols

When will life let us move on from hearing or seeing the name “Albert Pujols”? Despite being fans of the World Series Champions, life still hates us. Any time something Albert Pujols-related comes across our eyes or ears, it feels like a continuous nightmare that we can’t wake up from. Sorry for dragging you into […]


Lousy Cardinal Blog Is A Finalist For an RFT Web Award

Could 2012 be a historic year for your buddies at Cards Diaspora, well before the Cardinals even hit the field for Spring Training? I think most of our readers have heard of the Riverfront Times, and have probably seen their many “Best of STL” editions. One of their more recent features is the RFT Web […]


An Angels Pujols Jersey Encounter at the Winter Warm-Up

We were able to scrounge together 40 bucks and make it down to the Winter Warm-Up for a few hours on Saturday. There are many Cardinal blogs out there who produced stellar recaps, showing us up for the zillionth time: -Our pal Erika at Cardinal Diamond Diaries was all over the place and posted tons […]


The Spirit of Giving Continues

It’s another giveaway from the people you put up with at Cards Diaspora! About a month ago, we were approached by the fine folks at Elasticity about Raffle STL.  It’s a raffle website benefiting St. Louis Men’s Group Against Cancer, with one of the prizes being a trip to Spring Training 2012. And for the […]


The Twelfth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

Like the 2011 Cardinals season, let’s end the Twelve Days of Cardinal Crapmas with a ring:That’s an official 2004 National League Champions ring – a player’s ring no less. So why is this considered a crap gift, despite the eBay buy-it-now price of $15,000? A ruby logo bird is offset by a sea of real […]


The Eleventh Day of Cardinal Crapmas

This feature has had a heavy bias towards the guys thus far, so today let’s give you something for the ladies:The handful of women I associate myself with have a strong distaste for pink Cardinals gear. And I’m proud of each and every one of them. Oddly enough, to me that’s not even the main […]


The Tenth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

I don’t want to get anyone riled up a few days before Christmas, but a certain #29 in this town might throw a fit when seeing today’s Cardinal Crapmas item. Take a look at the happiest Chris Carpenter bobblehead you’ll ever see: NO! That’s NOT Chris Carpenter! (It actually looks like Scott Rolen, but that’s […]


The Ninth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

With this feature, sometimes it’s good if I ramble a bit about the crappy Cardinal gift we post. And sometimes it’s good to just sit back and admire. Let this one sink in for a few seconds:But what are we supposed to be looking at??? (Ha ha, camouflage jokes. Ahhh.) Throwback. Camo. Trucker hat. You […]

The Power Ballad For Albert

A year ago we brought you Albert’s Song. We’ve received plenty of critical acclaim, fame and fortune since, but we weren’t going to get lazy on you and let that be our Whoomp! (There It Is), oh no. Especially when we have such a talented singer at the helm. With over 13,000 views of Albert’s […]


The Eighth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

We’ve got something fun planned for you later this morning, so we’ll make this quick. Do you have that friend who just kills conversations any time they start talking? They blurt out a bad joke or pun, or some nonsense fact, and it results in six seconds of silence. Of course you do – unless […]


The Seventh Day of Cardinal Crapmas

You’re in luck – due to us having too much fun over the weekend, we’re going to be delivering a double dose of Cardinal Crap today. It’s probably for the better, since these two crappy gifts tie together so well. I’m sure it’s been said before, but we don’t keep track of what we write […]


The Fifth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

Okay, normally I wouldn’t call anything Gregg Jefferies-related “crap,” but come on, a 1994 Spring Training Program?I think this just proves there’s way too much worthless junk on eBay. I love it. And if you’ve never seen this before, enjoy: