Every Girl Loves Walmart Jewelry: The Tenth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

It looks like today is “Celebrate Rex Ryan’s Wife” day on the internet, so we’ll chip in too. What do you get the female Cardinal fan who has everything, but could use an expensive piece of jewelry that almost no one will notice, other than studs like Rex Ryan? Walmart has the answer: Yup, a […]


Getting Stoned: The Ninth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

The purpose of a lot of our Cardinal Crapmas items so far is to sit inside your house and suck. But today we’ve got one that stays outside the home. It’s the St. Louis Cardinals Country Stone. I’m not one to watch Martha Stewart too often, but I believe you put this out in your […]


Pass the Tissues: The Eighth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

The Rams are sucking. The Cardinals are in the middle of an awful stretch of trades and acquisitions, while NL rivals are picking up Cliff Lee and Zack Greinke. Everyone on the Blues is getting hurt, and making the playoffs is no longer a foregone conclusion. Throw in the fact that our parents think we’re […]

How The Zack Greinke Trade Impacts The Cardinals

How cute. After getting a little taste of glory a couple of seasons back, the Milwaukee Brewers have decided to try and pull up a chair to the grown folk table atop the NL Central division. By trading for former Cy Young winner Zack Greinke, the Brewers are now at a bare minimum will be […]


On the Seventh Day of Cardinal Crapmas

We’ll make it quick today because we know you’re watching your fantasy team melt down right before your eyes. Hope you play in a league where you get something for being good in the regular season. If so, I can’t think of anything better to buy than some Cardinal Coasters, featuring game used dirt, wooo: […]


Clean Yourself Up, It’s the Sixth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

I’m very much a man when it comes to things like plates, napkins, and tablecloths.  I’m much more interested in scarfing down the food in front of me, as opposed to the decor around me. So anything other than plain white napkins are unnecessary.  No fancy designs. No cats jumping around. And no colors (Racist? […]


The Fifth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

How warm do your ears really need to be this winter? If your answer is “AT ALL COSTS, INCLUDING 100% OF MY DIGNITY”, well let me introduce you to the Cardinals Dog-ear cap from Wow. I’m trying to decide if this is a Bro hat, or something for the weenies who can’t take 35 […]

Ice = No Friend Of Mine

Yesterday morning, I walked outside my front door. I guess it had iced over night and soon I was on my ass. And not like I barely fell, I mean it was like one of those banana peel scenes in a cartoon. My feet flew out from under me and I busted it. HARD. So […]

The Heartwarming Bob Feller Tale You’d Expect From Us

For a little over ten years, I’ve been mentally trained to hate Bob Feller. In the 18 years leading up to that, I really had no feelings one way or another. Bob Feller…Old dude; HOF pitcher for the Indians; fought in WWII; grainy old footage of him throwing a baseball while a motorcycle whizzed by. […]

NFLPickEm College Bowl Pick’em – WIN STUFF!

So we had 50 CD readers sign up for a winner take home 50 bucks NFL pick’em pool. Let’s check in with the leader board on that deal with 3 weeks to go…Looks like we’ve got a pretty tight race for the 50 bones shaping up. Surprisingly, well over half of the people that signed […]


Cardinal Crapmas Day 4: Losing Your Marbles

There comes a time in every fans life where they need to take a step back, look at the man in the mirror and consider just what the hell they’re doing with their lives. When you’re collecting sports-themed marbles? Yes. That would be an applicable circumstance. When you start actively bidding on said marbles? Perhaps […]


On The Third Day of Cardinal Crapmas

It’s probably sacrilegious to give a Cardinal fan something with the Cubs’ logo on it…but this is Cardinal Crapmas we’re talking about. And well, this gift is…is something:In honor of the Redbirds’ new #3, on the third day of Cardinal Crapmas, we present to you the 2010 Ryan Theriot bobblehead, in which he’s in fishing […]


Day 2: The “Peace” Day of Cardinal Crapmas

You’ve got a favorite drink. You’ve got a favorite show. You’ve got some kick ass bros. You even ball with celebrities whenever you fuckin’ feel like it.So why not buy the shirt that whoops the living fuck out of all otha’ Cawd’nal shirts, brah? Lesson learned: everyone, even the emerging Bro Demographic of St. Louis, […]


The Twelve Days of Cardinal Crapmas

All of a sudden, it’s December 13th and we’re pretty damn close to Christmas. And it’s time to quit being selfish bastards for two weeks, and buy something for your loved ones (or your wife, heh heh /old white guy sitcom joke). Last year we did this feature because of two things: 1) MLB knows […]