The Pujols Web Roundup

It’s been a crap-tastic 24 hours or so for the few and proud of us that know the Cardinals aren’t going to be as good the next few years without the services of the best player in baseball.  Humor is the best medicine. So let’s look at few gems that have been sent in to […]


Questions About The Pujols Drama

This. Is. Exhausting. I love Twitter. I think that most of the people that visit this site know this. But the past few days have been downright unbearable if you’re a Cardinals fan. Pujols is LEAVING. Pujols is STAYING. Pujols is ABOUT TO STAY OR LEAVE. Every other Tweet or Facebook post is about Albert […]


People You Need To Follow For Hot Stove Action

Day 1 of the MLB Winter Meetings got hot and heavy early. Fielder to the O’s? Rollins to the Cards? Reyes to the Marlins for 106M… right, I know.  Oh. The Marlins really did pay 106M for Reyes? Thank goodness the SEC is getting involved with the Hot Stove then… It’s getting CRAZY! As far […]


The Pujols Negotiations Are Drawing To A Close

You.  Yes, you.  It’s been 24 long months, hasn’t it? You’ve been at bars talking about it. You’ve been a work talking about it. You’ve been at home, funerals, car washes, hot dog stands and even baseball games talking about it. And now, your clarity awaits. “IT” is the contract that’s been hanging over St. […]


Albert’s Song – A Year Later

No, unfortunately we don’t have plans for Albert Week, Part II. A random rumor pops up every couple days, so I’ve got a feeling we’ll have enough to talk about for a while. But today we want to take you back to that historic morning, one year ago, when Albert’s Song took low-level Cardinal blogs […]


Don’t Believe A Word About Pujols

Pujols to the Cubs?  Come on Cardinal Nation.You know better. 2012 is a Presidential election year, and if you’re in Missouri, pretty much everything other than 1 senate seat is up for grabs. Over the next 10 months you’re going to see things you don’t want to see. 9/11 first responders being denied health care […]


An Easy Way to Win a Trip to Spring Training

Despite years of evidence to the contrary, your pals at the CD are actually not bad people. We’ve had some huge DVD giveaways lately, and just last night I threw some bread out for the neighborhood birds to snack on. It was a tad moldy, but there’s no way the jerks at Viva El Birdos […]


Win The Complete 2011 World Series DVD Collection!

We had some good success giving away the World Series Movie last week and 3 lucky winners have their copies en route. I’ve watched the damn thing twice and both times litearlly came out of my seat to yell at the TV. If you buy it, you’ll enjoy it. You’ve blown your stack on way worse.  […]


The Saga Of Dan Lozano blew Albert Pujols’ agent out of the water early this week. If you haven’t read the full article, (LINK HERE) please do so. Be warned, it’s graphic and troubling.  The big revelations? + Why was Pujols’ last contract so bad? And why didn’t he test the free agent market last time? Lozano was reportedly […]


Happy Skanksgiving Everybody!

Ed Note: This article was originally published in 2008 on Cards Diaspora by Fresh WC after the devastating news that Rusty’s, an Edwardsville IL ‘Skanksgiving’ tradition was shuttered. For whatever reason, this article got put up in 2009 & 2010 and by giving it some run again, we’ve created a monster. As long as this […]


Win The Word Series DVD Set Right NOW!

Our fine friends over at A+E Networks Home Entertainment & MLB Productions have given 3 copies of the 2 disc set to give away.  Score. HMW’s posting of the clip last week paid off, I guess. Now you get to feel the love. The premiere party for the video is tomorrow night at the Peabody Opera […]


Is Matheny’s Foreclosure Important?

I’m troubled.  Some days I really like the hiring of Mike Matheny as the Cardinals next manager, but I can’t tangibly justify why. Other days I kind of don’t like the hiring of Mike Matheny as the Cardinals next manager, but until Saturday, I had no tangible justification for this stance either. The Post-Dispatch broke […]


Pujols Signing Rumors & The Friday Links

It’s Friday! Albert Pujols is finally signing with the Cardinals and making sure that history remembers one of its best as a redbird for life!! Wait, what? How can you have a celebratory press conference marking one of the biggest contracts in the history of the sport with the media relations team taking an extended […]

Is The New Cardinals Ad Campaign Really Shirtless Men?

Blame HMW. He got everyone all hot and bothered with Jon Hamm earlier today. And I don’t like to play second fiddle to anyone’s erotic baseball-ish-ness, dammit. So while surfing the world wide web yesterday, I came across this clip. It’s from a video studio called Bruton Stroube that makes commericals for all sorts of […]

The Seductive Sounds of Jon Hamm Make You Buy DVDs

You spent a crapload of money on beer and food throughout October. You spent a metric crapload on World Series tickets. You…no…you didn’t buy a Rally Squirrel shirt, did you?? Your bank account is fed up with the abuse; remember when it had a couple more columns? You even pushed back your meeting with your […]