On The Third Day Of Cardinals Crapmas

It's a Cards Diaspora holiday tradition: the 12 Days of Cardinals Crapmas, where we find the worst items that someone might be tempted to gift. All previous days are linked at the bottom of this post.  DAY 3 A pack of 10  BIC ballpoint pens costs $1.47 at Target. Chances are you've got a whole […]


Things Seen @ Bosnia Vs Argentina Game

Busch Stadium was once again home to international soccer on Monday night.  This was not Chelsea v Manchester City. This was Bosnia v Argentina. And with the best player in the world on the disabled list (Messi), the casual sporting fan opted to not show up for the match. Estimates vary, but the general consensus […]

Wimbledon Fan

Spotted: Cardinals Fan @ Wimbledon

It might be the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, but even the hallowed grounds of Wimbledon aren't off-limits to Cardinal Nation. Kudos to this man (shown several times on ESPN) rocking his New Era authentic head top. A couple of points: 1) Now that I'm looking at this, I'm pretty sure he isn't […]

Domo Genesis Going Old School Cards

We love celebs in Cardinals gear. Honestly, it's even better when you're kind of meh on a dude, then he shows up on Letterman wearing a Whitey Herzog-esque satin jacket. You do that and you're getting a video embed and the 10's of views that it will provide through this site. h/t Mountain Fresh 

Big League Minis

Topps Thinks Cardinal Fans Aren’t Worthy

Our friends over at Big League Stew had a nice little post about a new product that Topps (yes, the same company that makes ball cards) has created: LINK HERE They're called 'Minis' and they're pretty… stinking… cool. 2.5" vinyl figurines of my favorite Cardinals? Put a couple in the office. Maybe give a few […]


Happy XMas Eve

It's almost here Christmas.  Where you'll be, no doubt, unwrapping new Cardinal Saturday Jersey's and Opening Day tickets, looking forward to the start of Spring Training. Did you know that


Could Lohse Be A Cardinal Again? (Plus Friday Links)

A funny thing happened on the way to 2013…  A couple of years ago, this site, amongst others, were debating if Kyle Lohse was locked in to the worst contract in St. Louis Cardinals history.  Yes, there had be previously bad players on the Cardinals, but we weren't sure if one had been so bad […]

Price Sheet

Price List Set For Cardinals Winter Warm-Up

The Cardinals Winter Warm-Up is fast approaching and today, the Cardinals unveiled their annual “price list” for player/manager autographs. Yes. All the money collected goes to Charity… so HUZZAH for the Cardinals for being charitable. Now that’s out of the way, It’s time to take a look at the list and see just how valuable […]


Stuff From The News

All of these stories appeared in the news.  None of them are worthy of their own post. So let's round them up… 1) Cards sign Ty Wigginton He hits LH pitching pretty good. He seems to be a good clubhouse guy. He's ready to accept his role as a utility bench guy that works the […]


Albert Pujols’ Journey To Irrelevancy

I guess if I had to put a date on it, then August 2nd is when it happened. That's the point I knew I was over Albert Pujols.  Mostly.   The former Cardinal icon and now third wheel in Anaheim had just crushed 4 home runs in 2 games against the Texas Rangers. It had […]


The End Of Jared Schumaker In St. Louis

Skip Schumaker is no longer a Cardinal. He's been traded to the Dodgers for a AA infielder.  This isn't a surprise to anyone. Schumaker, the consummate professional, saw the writing on the wall with the Cardinals and discreetly requested a trade from GM John Mozeliak.    I'm pretty sure outside of his family and some […]


The Best Cardinals Article This Off-Season

Friends, I'm not beyond reproach here. Most days you're going to get what you pay for on The CD… crap writing for free.    And I'll admit, there have been several things I've been wrong on. More than I'd like to have out there in cyberspace.   It's part of the game. Throw some words […]


Mike Buble & Cardinal Hats?

I'm not proud I was on TMZ. But If I want to be relevant around the water cooler, then I have to bone up on the news people care about. We love celebs in Cardinal hats @ Cards Diaspora (LINK HERE) and we love Mike Buble (LINK HERE) so when it all comes together in […]