NLDS 2013 Preview: Cardinals Vs. Pirates

Let's be clear about one thing…  ZERO people that aren't Cardinal fans are going to be rooting for St. Louis in this series. The last time the Pirates won a playoff game was 1992. They posses all the feel goods. They made Kristen Stewart smile. All the sports writers under 40 have been itching to […]

A Look Back @ 2009 on the CD

2009 was a year. A pretty good year. Here is a look back at some of the best/worst that this site had to offer 2009 365 day increments after baby Jesus was expelled from a virgin… + Yahoo! Sports asked us to preview the Cardinals playoff run. And boy, were we optimistic. And stupid. Don’t […]


The Ten Worst Cardinal Contracts of the 00’s

By now you probably know that Hooks and I show some negativity every once in a while.  I’m probably a little more positive than he is, seeing how I had faith in the Cardinals’ front office signing someone significant last off-season (instead of waiting until July, realizing how easy it would be to win the […]


And The Winner Is…

We have a winner. The polls closed late last night in our Glove/Gift Card photo with a celeb contestand one person’sphotobomb, in the eyes of Cards Diaspora Nation,was head and shoulders above the rest… It’s Joel McHale. I guess that means I need more Community references in these posts, eh? Congratulations to our winner. I’ll […]


Top 10 WTF Cardinal Moments of the 2000’s

Thomas Howard anyone? Even after being reminded that this journeyman utility player got nearly 150 at bats for the Y2K Cardinals I have no recollection of this man whatsoever. But he played on a Cardinals team this decade. (Also members of the Birds that season? Eric Davis! Shawon Dunston!! Jesse Orosco!!!) The past 10 years […]

Who Brought the Plunger?

The back-up’d toilet that was MLB free-agency took a turn for the free flowing today when the SF Giants signed Mark DeRosa to a 2 year deal. NEW BLEACHER REPORT on DeRosa HERE! Also the NY Mets inked the extremely white Jason Bay to a 4 yr/ 65M deal. We knew that Matt Holliday would not […]


Don’t Stuff Your Glove In A Closet… If You Win

If we had to nominate one Cardinal to get the Mike Leach treatment and be stuffed in a dank closet, who would it be? You think Brendan Ryan will get a little bit nervous next time he tells TLR about getting knicked up in spring training? If you hadn’t heard; the Texas Tech head coached […]

Jim Caldwell Leads Monday Ramblin’s…

Would Jim Caldwell fake an orgasm to get out of finishing coitus? If he managed baseball would he remove the pitcher after 21 straight outs? Would he like to buy a Rams season ticket and find out just how precious a win really is in the NFL? Let’s hope Berman gets to the bottom of […]


We got about 15 serious enteries into the contest for a baseball glove and 54th Street Bar & Grill gift card. (LINK HERE) And I’ve taken the liberty to narrow it down to five people that we will vote on and decide who’s winning. This poll will close on Tuesday December 29th @ 11:59p and […]


The Twelfth Day of Crapmas

You know, there’s that old saying in huntin’ – No matter what day it is, there’s always sumpin’ to hunt. Okay, I actually just made that up, but with this craptastic women’s Cardinal camouflage hat, your special lady will be ready to go on the hunt at all times. And that’s not even a “cougar” […]

A Grinch Approved Post & Friday Links

Santa brought the CD a lump of coal and Tony Banks signed mini-helmet for Christmas. And we’re not in a good mood about it… But did you really think that would prevent the CD from working on the holiday? NEW InsideSTL X-MAS POST HERE I think the Sklar Brothers put it best on their Twitter […]


On the Eleventh Day of Crapmas

In case you thought Major League Baseball wasn’t a bunch of whores before, I hope this will seal the deal: Hey, a Cardinals shower curtain.  Great?  Most single guys could probably do without a shower curtain, but after a visit from mom or a special lady (even if it’s just for a few minutes hours), […]

It’s X-Mas Eve. Thoughts on Braggin’ Rights & More

2008 years and 364 days ago, Jesus H. Christ was primed to be expelled from his mother’s uterus. You know what would have helped his mom Mary? A brand new baseball glove and gift card from 54th Street Bar and Grill! Mrs. Christ didn’t have access to high speed Internet in that fucking dirty barn… […]


The Tenth Day of Crapmas

By the time you get to the tenth day of the 12 Days of Christmas song, you’re ready for the singin’ to shut up. The song is the same thing over and over, and agonizing to listen to. You kind of wonder who is listenting by that point. And who gave whomever the green light […]


Win a New Baseball Glove and Gift Card!

It’s been brought to my attention that we really haven’t done anything to motivate comments on the new We also haven’t given anything away in a cheap ploy for page views, either. Problem solved. Yesterday a manager around my office asked me to do him a favor: pick up Daytona 500 winner and NASCAR […]