Well That Was Fun

That just happened, huh? In the midst of final three weeks of the season, the Cardinals started the penultimate road trip of 2012 by getting swept. Against a team 9 games under .500. At least they were, until the Cardinals came to down. Yup. The Fathers whipped off their work belt and went to town on […]


The Nats Blog Interview CardsDiaspora

Do I know what the hell I’m talking about? No. Does that stop people from sending me inteview requests? No. No it doesn’t. And becuase I’m a dirty whore that loves seeing my name in print and becuase I can’t say no and becuase I’ve been dicking around on this site long enough that people […]


The UCB Reacts To Pujols Non-News Story

So. The CD decided to play nice with the UCB (United Cardinal Bloggers) and participate in this little experiment where this open e-mail chain circulates for a day and all the responses to my question are posted here the next day. It just so happened that yesterday was ‘my day’ to send out a question. […]

Ice Is The Devil’s Sprinkle

When one of the tongs on your ice scrapper breaks off? RAGE!  First off, you don’t want to be up. You knew it was going to be but-ass freezing outside, but because you’re a responsible adult, you get up. It’s cold outside of your bed. Real cold. And you wonder just how in the hell […]

Rams Seattle Flop Leads Monday Ramblin’s…

Much more on the STL Rams will be posted on SB Nation STL later today. It’s not flattering to the Rams in the least, let’s put it that way. A couple of things that stood out to me for the Rams in 2010: 1) Bradford will win the Rookie of the Year and has all […]

CD Year In Review: The Final Post of 2010

It’s been another year and somehow you keep coming back for this crap day in and day out. Thanks? We’ve had fun bringing you all sorts of material in 2010 and the fun won’t stop in 2010. We’ve already got some ideas simmering for the next couple of months that I think you guys are […]


CD Year In Review: Cubs On Undercover Boss

The Cubs. The punching bags of professional sports once again shoved themselves into the national consciousness when they allowed the CBS reality show ‘Undercover Boss’ come in one late summer week when the Small Bears were out of town and film an episode that aired during the baseball playoffs. If you’re not familiar with the […]

The Vince Coleman Pop Culture Minute

Over the Holidays, Vince Coleman had the opportunity to take in the film “True Grit.” As a long time fan of Coen Brother greats such as Fargo, O Brother Where Art Thou?, The Big Lebowski, and No Country for Old Men, Vince Coleman was excited to see what he predicted to be a “Coen Brothers […]

CD Year In Review: Reds Embarrass Embarrassing Division

With apologies to Mike Vick, the NL Central was a REAL dog fight in 2010. Literally. It was two dog teams fighting to top a very mediocre division. But Hookshot, just how mediocre was it? So mediocre that the Reds got no hit in Game 1 of the NLDS… and that was their BEST game […]

CD Year In Review: Predictions Revisited

Back in April I took a stab at some predictions for the upcoming Cardinal 2010 season. Punches were not pulled and bets were not encouraged. In fact, we were pretty open with the fact that this site is historically horrible at making any sort of predictions. And that might be underselling it, actually. But that […]

Rams Flexing Leads Monday Ramblin’s…

It’s all over, but I think I just saw the first ad for 2011 Christmas… The Rams have been tabbed to close the 2010 regular season on Sunday night? Oh, how the talking heads are going to feast on this all week. The open pulling for Seattle and their 7-9 record to get in the […]

Generic Well-Wishes From Your 132nd Favorite Site

Did you get what you wanted? Kind of? Sort of? I hope so. You’re a good reader and derserve all the nice things in life.  We went with the generic ‘Seasons Greetings’ in case you are Jewish or Muslim. This site is way bigger in the mid-east.


On The Twelfth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

Allow me to do my Andy Rooney impersonation…ahem… Didja ever wonder what it would have looked like if Rob Deer played for the Cardinals? “YES! CONSTANTLY!” you say. Now here’s our answer:  Jesus, that IS Rob Deer, dressed up like a Cardinal. He cracked many fastballs in his days, so I guess reducing him to […]


The Eleventh And Scrappiest Day of Cardinal Crapmas

SWEET MOTHER OF ASS:It’s 5% off TODAY ONLY people!! FIVE PERCENT. And there’s free shipping. In my mind, the guy selling this jersey will personally run straight to your house from Texas and deliver it, arms flailing and everything. Go to eBay right now and make this happen.


The Official Cards Diaspora Neon Sign

I don’t want to be one of those jerks that says “wow, I never win anything” right after I win something, because that just wouldn’t be true. I’ve won things from time to time and sometimes those things are kind of cool. I’d rather have won the Powerball once, but that’s not happening. Overall, I’m […]