The Eleventh Day of Cardinal Crapmas

This feature has had a heavy bias towards the guys thus far, so today let’s give you something for the ladies:The handful of women I associate myself with have a strong distaste for pink Cardinals gear. And I’m proud of each and every one of them. Oddly enough, to me that’s not even the main […]


The Tenth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

I don’t want to get anyone riled up a few days before Christmas, but a certain #29 in this town might throw a fit when seeing today’s Cardinal Crapmas item. Take a look at the happiest Chris Carpenter bobblehead you’ll ever see: NO! That’s NOT Chris Carpenter! (It actually looks like Scott Rolen, but that’s […]

Sully Baseball Kills It

Love it when we have to do as little work as possible. This AM we got an e-mail. Most of the time the CD Inbox is a repository for Cialis offers (90% off!) and daily deal updates. Today our new friend Sully Baseball sent over a couple of videos that pertain to the St. Louis […]


The Ninth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

With this feature, sometimes it’s good if I ramble a bit about the crappy Cardinal gift we post. And sometimes it’s good to just sit back and admire. Let this one sink in for a few seconds:But what are we supposed to be looking at??? (Ha ha, camouflage jokes. Ahhh.) Throwback. Camo. Trucker hat. You […]

The Power Ballad For Albert

A year ago we brought you Albert’s Song. We’ve received plenty of critical acclaim, fame and fortune since, but we weren’t going to get lazy on you and let that be our Whoomp! (There It Is), oh no. Especially when we have such a talented singer at the helm. With over 13,000 views of Albert’s […]


The Eighth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

We’ve got something fun planned for you later this morning, so we’ll make this quick. Do you have that friend who just kills conversations any time they start talking? They blurt out a bad joke or pun, or some nonsense fact, and it results in six seconds of silence. Of course you do – unless […]


The Monday Ramblin’s Return. Again…

After a long hiatus from post-season baseball to the TLR retirement to Pujols departure, the Monday Ramblin’s are back. It’s only fitting the laziest column we do left without warning… Carlos Beltran. Lots of smart Cardinals fans are hot and bothered by this one. But my philosophy on injuries is pretty simple: if you’ve had […]


The Seventh Day of Cardinal Crapmas

You’re in luck – due to us having too much fun over the weekend, we’re going to be delivering a double dose of Cardinal Crap today. It’s probably for the better, since these two crappy gifts tie together so well. I’m sure it’s been said before, but we don’t keep track of what we write […]


The Fifth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

Okay, normally I wouldn’t call anything Gregg Jefferies-related “crap,” but come on, a 1994 Spring Training Program?I think this just proves there’s way too much worthless junk on eBay. I love it. And if you’ve never seen this before, enjoy:


On The Fourth Day of Cardinal Crapmas

My simple instructions today – please don’t buy this:Please please please don’t buy a fucking muscle magnet for your car. Buy a Hummer to show you’re a badass. Buy a F-350…no, F-650 for all I care. But not this. We’re all big enough hoosiers, we don’t need to make it any more obvious. If you […]


The Third Day of Cardinal Crapmas

I didn’t think we had readers, but someone allegedly passed this along to Hooks the other day via email. It’s an eBay listing for a “modified” Pujols jersey: I think this is the first time we’ve had a Cardinal crapmas entry in which something was taken from the crap pile and put to good use. […]


The Second Day of Cardinal Crapmas

You knew this feature wouldn’t wait too long to touch on Pujols and Rally Squirrel-related items. We’ll save Albert for tomorrow because everyone always likes a good bumper sticker typo:Whoops. At least the Cardinals made the playoffs in 2001, so you won’t look completely stupid with this on your car – just totally stupid. The […]


The Twelve Days of Cardinal Crapmas (Day 1)

MLB just won’t stop putting out crappy products. We really thought this was the year! Trust us, we would love to be lazy and not bring you another twelve days of Cardinal Crapmas items, but obviously they gave us no choice. With so much to talk about since the season ended, we’re not just doing […]


Pujols In The First Fight He Can’t Win

Albert Pujols hasn’t fought many losing battles in his career. In fact, when he’s been pushed to the brink? Greatness.  But starting with full page ad in the Post-Dispatch sports section, moving to his press conference in Anaheim Saturday and continuing with his media blitz with his wife today, Albert Pujols is fighting a battle […]


Truth in Advertising: Ryan Braun Edition

In MLB’s Holiday Catalog, Nike gives a little inside scoop on what they knew about Ryan Braun before the rest of us: “Between a body that defies the odds…” Yup, I’d say so.