Cardinals Sign Randy Choate

Finally.  After sitting on their hands for a couple of days athe the MLB Winter Meetings, the Cardinals finally decided to dust the cobwebs out of their wallet and make a free agent purchase.   The bought some Choate.   Randy Choate to be exact. And, no, that arm angle isn't troublesome at all. I'm […]


Cardinals Raise Every Single Ticket Price

So all those billion dollar TV deals you’ve been hearing about in baseball the past year? Like with the Dodgers, Yankees and Angels?  Well the Cardinals don’t have one of those. Worse, the Cardinals just re-upped a couple of seasons ago with Fox Sports Midwest right before the TV rights deals started exploding and are […]

Holiday Football

Whimsy: Matt Holliday

The Oklahoman is releasing their 100th anniversary edition of their all-state football team. I know, I don't care either. Unless we get some high school pose downs from Matt Holliday. Then I care. And I think you do to .  For the whole story: LINK HERE


Flanders & The Friday Links

We've made it clear that browsing Google News for Cardinal related items is about the only way this site survives the winter. Most of the time it's Bleacher Report schlock. But today, we found this little gem: So that's a blog post about the Cardinals plan to not pursue any 'big' named players during the […]


The Saddest Place On The Internet

It's the saddest place on the Internet, friends. The place where all of Ozzie's memorabilia goes to find new homes. We told you about Ozzie's intent to auction all of his "prized" possessions off earlier this year. (LINK HERE) But now it's here and it's real and we've pulled out the saddest items out of […]

UCB Awards

2012 UCB Awards Ballot: Stuffed

For some reason Cards Diaspora still hasn't been kicked out of the UCB (United Cardinal Bloggers), so while we're still in kind of good standing, we're going to take a crack at the postseason awards ballot. You can also vote if you're so inclined: LINK HERE Player of the Year: Yadi. No brainer. Pitcher of […]


HMW’s Bobblehead X-Mas Bearding

Our old friend HMW hasn't been heard from much in these parts for a while.  So I was exctied to see he's alive and well over on Twitter (

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David Freese Unhurt in Serious Car Accident

Some e-mails you don't want to see.  When it has 'David Freese Car Accident' in the subject line. During a Holiday. You really don't want to see. Late in the day Thursday, the stories about Freese's car wreck started circulating, by 8p, we had a picture. It's hard to not assume the worst, considering the […]


Happy Skanksgiving Everybody!

Ed Note: This article was originally published in 2008 on Cards Diaspora by Mountain Fresh (nee Fresh WC) after the devastating news that Rusty’s, an Edwardsville IL ‘Skanksgiving’ tradition was shuttered. For whatever reason, this article got put up in 2009, 2010 & 2011 and by giving it some run again, we've created a monster. As long as this […]


Celebs In Cardinals Hats

If there is something we love more than randomly seeing celebs in Cardinal hats, I haven't found it. It's awesome. And we've featured some of the best on the site (including, who else, AXL ROSE!) We, shamefully, were on the TMZ and found this: And if you want to hear more from Slim, check out this […]


Went There: Guns N’ Roses in Vegas

Axl Rose is not a great musician.  Let's get this out of the way right now. Because it's true, A and its B non-relevant to the Guns N' Roses conversation.    Especially now, at 50, it's clear that Axl's voice has seen better days, evidenced by the fact that at a couple points during his […]


The Cardinals New Uniforms & The Friday Links

Anyone else get a little caught off guard with these new uniforms?  Let's backtrack a bit here.   You know that you're living in a baseball town when a full-blown news conference is called, replete with live coverage and no commercial interruption and multiple speakers… to show off an alternate jersey.    I could be […]


The Boring Season Drones On

I think I've been able to distill the real disappointment of 2012.  As we've moved on from the NLCS debacle and accepted the ultimate fate of the Cardinals, the reason that we've been unable to let this fully go is boring, but true.   We don't have anything to look forward to until April.   […]


The Phrase That Won’t Die

I thought it was dead.  I thought that after a season filled with the laziest trope the Cardinals evoked, we were finally done. We wouldn't have to see it ever again and we would all be the better for it. Than I click on the Sporting News 'Hot Stove 2013' for the Cardinals and there […]