Alex Reyes Suspended 50 Games For The Weed

So it was going pretty good, this Arizona Fall League. The Cardinals top prospect was out west making MOVES in the AFL. currently has him as their #16 overall prospect! But then: Hmmmmmm… What the heck, Strauss. That’s about as cryptic a Tweet as they get. Something is not right. And then: So then […]


Farming The Business Of Cardinals Baseball? (Updated)

The Cardinals sent out an eBlast on Friday. Wut?   1) Those ampersands are tricky in coding. 2) If that graphic wasn’t done in MS Paint, I’ll buy you a beer if you can show me proof. 3) Wut? No, seriously, what is this? What does ‘farming the business of Cardinals baseball’ mean? And how […]

The Friday Links

Larry Collmus + The Friday Links

I love, love, LOVE this call. Larry Collmus probably should just retire from calling horse races. It really doesn’t get better than that. I’m going to go ahead and make this my 2015 sports play-by-play call of the year. Congrats, Larry. Now, The Friday Links… New urinal. LINK HERE Tank playing tennis. LINK HERE […]


Is This The End For Pete Kozma & The Cardinals?

This week Pete Kozma was outrighted from the 40-man roster. So he’s gone? Right? He’s been cut? Most of the stories I saw on The Koz were regurgitations of the same line about him being ‘outrighted’ off the 40-man, assuming you and I know all the implications of what that means. Maybe you do. But […]


2015 Postseason: Couldn’t Have Been Worse For Cardinals Fans

Maybe you’ve been paying attention. Maybe you’ve been checked out for weeks. But the 2015 MLB season officially ended Sunday night/Monday morning. The Kansas City Royals are your World Series champions. Hard to believe that exactly 1 month ago today the Cardinals were putting a (rather unseemly) bow on a 100 win season and looking […]

This Video Sums Up The World Series?


Jaime Garcia Will Return To The Cardinals In 2016

One of the major questions of the St. Louis Cardinals off season has been answered… Jaime Garcia’s 11.5M contract option has been picked up for 2016. 5 things… 1) If you take out the ‘stomach incident‘ during his GM2 NLDS start from the equation, getting Garcia at 11.5M is a bargain. Garcia posted a FanGraphs […]

The Friday Links

New #STLNFL Stadium Hype Video + The Friday Links

The Rams might be getting good. They might also be moving to LA. These two things have led to a (personally) bizarre situation where it’s hard to feel. Todd Gurley just ripped off another 30 yarder? YAY! The Inglewood stadium site has broken ground? BOO! Beyond the normal week to week ups and downs of an […]



On October 26th 2014 – 1 Year Ago Today – Oscar Taveras Died

Lately Facebook has been playing around with TimeHop like features on your news feed. You’ll login to The Book and will be greeted with a post you made a year or two or three ago. It’s called ‘On This Day‘. For the most part, it’s good fun. And the few times it’s happened to me […]

The Friday Links

Justin Bieber’s New Song + The Friday Links

You guys are probably going to be angry at me for posting this. Sorry. But I want to keep you on trend. And while you’re sick to death of hearing ‘What Do You Mean’ on the radio right now, the second hit (I’m not counting the Skrillex/Diplo ‘Where Are U Now’ where Biebs is featured) […]


Who Will Be In The Cardinals 2016 Starting Rotation?

October is cruel. And strange. The New York Mets are heading to the World Series. Daniel Murphy is better than Stan Musial, Babe Ruth and Ted Williams. The NL Central – a historically great division –  won 0 games in the playoffs that weren’t against other NL Central teams. Just get in the playoffs, they […]


Scorecard Vendor Has Worked With Cardinals For 50 Years

I got passed along an issue of STL Magazine when I was back in St. Louis last weekend. Thought this was some good off-season filler to pass along. And yes, this is a picture of a ripped out magazine page. We do things old school around these parts, son. But in case you want to […]


30 Years Later, Don Denkinger Still Evokes Emotions

On Sunday night, after NLCS GM2 ended, the TBS post-game show ran a piece on the 30th anniversary of 1985 World Series GM6 (which will officially be next Monday, OCT 26th). More specifically on ‘the call’. This is the point where I’d normally embed the piece so everyone that missed it (i.e. pretty much everyone […]