Cardinals Fans Need A Wakeup Call: Time To Toughen Up

I can’t tell you how many All-Star games I’ve watched. I know that I’ve been lucky enough to go to two in person – so two for sure – but I’m pretty sure I’ve watched at least part of every game played over the past 20 something years. And not one was worse for Cardinals […]


Is Fredbird Dating The Blue Jays Mascot?

We don’t have much to go on… but if this were the NY Post, we’d totally classify Fredbird and Ace’s actions in this team mascot photo as ‘canoodling’. While every other mascot maintains some breathing room, Fredbird looks to be in a state of extreme pleasure, while Ace (the Blue Jay’s mascot) has his/her hands […]


Grading The Cardinals 2014 1st Half By Player

The ‘first half’ of the 2014 season has been completed. And while we have this respite from game action, it’s time to break out the ol’ click bait favorites. Today we have a heaping helping of first half-grades… with a gimmick! One sentence and one sentence only on each player’s season so far. PITCHERS Randy […]

World_s Fair

Cardinals Started All-Star Break Saturday Night, Apparently

During the World’s Fair of 1893, Algeria wanted to make a good impression, so they sent their delegation to Chicago a few weeks early in order to make sure that they were set up and ready to go ahead of time. They had the days and the months right, but turns out they were an […]

David Ortiz

A Vine Of David Ortiz Twerking A Home Run Against The Cardinals

I don’t know why this Vine exists. I don’t know what this Vine means. But I can’t be 100% sure that this didn’t happen during the 2013 World Series, either. Ortiz was out of his mind and I was probably a few beers deep over at Shannon’s. So if this is just a horrible memory […]

Holliday HR

Cardinals (Finally) Power Up; (Finally) Achieve Signature Win

I’m going to preface this with #Super1stWorldProblems – since I moved recently, my remote won’t let me change video inputs on my TV. I have to switch them manually. So to watch the Cardinals games on MLB.TV on my actual TV, it takes an effort. (Albeit minimal, but still, effort.) Shamefully, I only watch the […]


Matt Holliday Turns Twitter Into ‘Clutch’ Fest

Matt Holliday. Somehow, someway, he’s been associated with the word ‘clutch’. I’m not here to debate if he is or if he isn’t or if ‘clutch’ is even a real thing. I’m just here to point out that when he hits a go-ahead home run in the 9th inning, Twitter throws out the C-Word liberally. […]


Your George Kottaras Primer (He’s The Catcher The Cards Just Claimed)

George Kottaras. The Cardinals just claimed him off waivers from Cleveland. The team needed a viable back-up back-stop and that city wasn’t big enough for Kottaras and LeBron James. So he’s a Cardinal now. Here’s what you need to know… George Kottaras. Man that sounds familiar. He’s now played for 8 MLB organizations, including NL […]

The Friday Links

The Friday Links

A little plug, if you don’t mind. This coming Thursday our friends at Coolfire are putting on their 7th annual pinewood derby to benefit The Coolfire Foundation. Even if you can’t enter a car, show up and watch if you’re in St. Louis. It’s a party. Plus the announcement video is pretty sick: Now, the […]

LeBron James

Imagining The Baseball Version Of LeBron

Basketball is not baseball. You’re right. You’re not an idiot. You already knew that. I mean, the reason that all of Cleveland and Chicago and about a half dozen other cities are waiting on LeBron & Carmelo’s decisions on where to play next season is because wherever they go, those teams instantly have a good […]


Yadier Molina Out 8-12 Weeks With Mangled Thumb Ligament

Yadier Molina is the best catcher in baseball. And he won’t be playing for the next 8-12 weeks because of that stupid dirt next to that stupid third base at stupid Busch Stadium. I mean, out off all the things to bring the down the iron man of backstops, it’s a feet first slide that […]

STL Superman

St. Louis Superman Banned From Area Around Busch Stadium

The great Lindsay Toler of the Riverfront Times is doing yeoman’s work today and getting to the bottom of the St. Louis Superman ban that was handed down by the Cardinals. Charlee Soffer is a dude that dresses up like Superman and hangs around Cardinals games to take pics with anyone that’s interested. Since he’s […]

Lebron Baseball

LeBron James Chooses… The St. Louis Cardinals

Ok, not really. But dang, wouldn’t that be awesome if he pulled an MJ and ended up in the Cardinals organization? At this point in the speculation, I wouldn’t totally rule it out, no matter how small the chances. I can already hear the payroll truthers now… ‘how we gon’ afford Boone Whiting in 2021 […]