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Wild Boars + The Friday Links

I don’t know how this happened. I don’t want to know why this happened. But it happened. Now, The Friday Links… Skinny jean cops. LINK HERE Now that’s a prank. LINK HERE Wal-Mart baby. LINK HERE Kids today (Scroll down). LINK HERE Bluegrass GoT theme. LINK HERE Relationships. LINK HERE That’s it. That’s the […]


Cards, Somehow, Win That Series In Cleveland

In the past 2 games, the Cardinals have made 54 outs. Strikeouts have accounted for 30 of those outs. THIRTY! This bout of fungo futility has appeared from nowhere. Even when you include the past two days, the Cardinals still rank 20th in MLB in strikeouts. At 243 team strikeouts, they’re 17 below the NL […]


Cardinals Find Themselves Playing In A ‘Hat Tip Game’

For the Cardinals, the 2-0 loss to the Indians on Wednesday night will go down as one of 60-80 losses that they’ll incur over the course of the ’15 season. For Corey Kluber? It will be the highlight of his baseball playing life. A game that will be remembered by a generation of Indians fans […]


Cards Dismantle Cleveland; Carp Is Back

While Cleveland was busy watching the Cavs game Monday night, less than 13 thousand (presumably Cardinals fans) watched St. Louis beat the Indians. Did you know that the Cardinals, prior to tonight, were just 6-14 against Cleveland in 20 games played and have never beaten the Indians in back-to-back games or in a series (7)? […]


Next Two Cardinals Games Start @ 5:10 Central Time

Cleveland is going to be turnt tonight. Or, more appropriately, late this PM. At least if you live in the central time zone. The Bulls vs Cavs NBA Eastern Conference semifinal will tip at 6:00p CT tonight, with the Cardinals vs Indians first pitch taking place even earlier at 5:10p CT. Both games should be […]


Rickie Fowler: Cardinals Fan, Players Champion, Hot Woman Dater

Rickie Fowler is having a good 2015. On Sunday he won the Player’s Championship AKA ‘The Richest Purse In Golf’ and will be getting a check for $1,800,000 for 4 days work. That’s on top of the nearly $1,000,000 he’s already earned via 3 other top 10 finishes on the PGA Tour in ’15. Oh, […]


It’s Official: Jim Edmonds is on Real Housewives of Orange County

We brought you the story back in January. And now it’s been made official: Jim Edmonds is going to be on The Real Housewives of Orange County. The Bravo production will debut on June 8th and feature Jim and his wife Meghan Edmonds (formerly King). The focus, though, will be on Mrs. Edmonds, as she […]


4 Less Than Encouraging Things From The Weekend

The Cardinals just lost their first series of the season, getting beat by the Pirates 2 of 3 games over the weekend. Here are 5 things that not a single fan feels good about this Monday morning: 1) Matt Carpenter couldn’t play due to ‘extreme fatigue‘. I’m going to file this one under ‘more details […]

The Friday Links

World Wide Magazine + The Friday Links

The concept of YouTube, where any video ever made could be instantly accessed, shared and live on forever – all for free – wasn’t a concept that content producers were capable of having in 1994. Today, people know. And we don’t get as many videos like this. If you’re from or been to the STL, […]


Yadier Molina Has Lost His Pitch Framing Touch

Yadier Molina is batting .244 with 13 strikeouts and only 4 XBH (0 HRs). Not great, but also not impeding the Cardinals patch to victory, it appears. Besides, Yadi’s real value has never been his hitting, per se, but his defense and staff management. The Cardinals sport a 2.46 ERA and 20 wins through roughly […]


10 Reasons It’s Great To Be A Cardinals Fan Today

This. A list of awesome things going on with the Cardinals right this very moment. 1) The Navy’s first win. 2) Matt Carpenter is the new Stan Musial. 3) They’re spanking the NL Central. 4) This is, like, once in a decade type stuff going on right now. 5) Dat bullpen. 6) They give the […]


Cardinals Announce The Hall of Fame Class (2015)

The 2nd annual St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame class has been announced by the team: Ted Simmons Bob Forsch Curt Flood George Kissell They will be inducted on Saturday August 15th in a ceremony at Ballpark Village. “We want to thank our fans and the Red Ribbon Panel for choosing such an outstanding induction […]


Carlos Martinez Is Having A Super Great Day

Carlos Martinez had a big day on Tuesday. Are you ready for all the ‘DAAAWWWWWWS’? Then Brian Stull’s Twitter feed should tell the story: Best recess EVER. Dammit, Los. You can’t do us like this in the middle of the day. We’ve got work to do. Can’t be in here dabbing our tears away. Looks […]