The Best Beer In Baseball: Cardinals Rank 20th

Who said good reporting was dead? The Washington Post’s Kevin Schaul, Kelyn Soong and Dan Steinberg have created a wonderful online resource that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the beer selection in every MLB stadium. You’re a Cardinals fan, though. And you want to know where Busch Stadium ranks. Spoiler […]


Salvaging Some Dignity In Baltimore

Somebody call The Jambulance! Because bizarrely bad weekend took a turn for the bizarrely good Sunday and it’s time to party… A pinch hit home run? By Peter Bourjos? Another multiple hit game? By Daniel Descalso? The more we see, the less we know with the 2014 Cardinals team. I think we’ll all take a […]


Cardinals Vanquished – Again – In Ignominious Manner

You know it’s bad when rightsholders are making fun of the beat-downs: You know it’s bad when stats about the traded for make you gasp: For the first time in 5 years, the Cardinals have given up 10 runs in back-to-back games. And this about sums up the Cardinals trip to Baltimore.  Photo: MThai


Ori-Oh-Noes: Cardinals Cudgeled In Baltimore

There were no signs of Omar, Marlo or Stringer Bell Friday night in Baltimore. The brutality, though, rivaled anything seen in HBO’s classic TV show ‘The Wire’. In fact, I think this clip featuring Senator Clay Davis sums up the 12-2 loss quite well: Physics defines momentum thusly: “the quantity of motion of a […]

The Friday Links

The Friday Links

The Rammies open up the 2014 season with their first game tonight against the Saints. The game itself will tell us absolutely nothing about the team or the forthcoming season… but HEY – NFL! Unfortunately some of our friends in the national media are staring to get on the bandwagon. And if there’s one thing […]


Cardinals Used To Castigate Red Sox GM

It wasn’t that long ago when any Red Sox fan would willingly surrender a finger or toe to win a World Series. Less than ten years after their first championship since 1918, Sox GM Ben Cherington sat in the visiting dugout of Busch Stadium answering questions about why his team was so bad, what his […]


Trying To Be Rational About Mike Matheny

Deep breaths. Deep breaths. The 2014 Cardinals were supposed to be a powerhouse. Coming off a World Series run in 2013 on the backs of a bunch of 21-23 year olds is pretty much a dream scenario for any franchise. Weaknesses at CF and SS were appeased by acquiring Peter Bourjos and Jhonny Peralta respectively. […]


Thoughts On Yadier Molina’s Music Video

Technically it’s Tony Lenta singing ‘Pa’Lante’. But if this is the Puerto Rican Roc-A-Fella records, Lenta is Memphis Bleek and Molina is Jay-Z… So you’re not going to actually see Molina until the 1:54 mark of this video, but it’s worth the wait. Because in rat-tat-tat order you see his smoldering ‘catcher face’, Jon […]


Is Colby Rasmus Actually Our Steve Jobs?

Looking back, Colby Rasmus was one of the players that ushered in a new era of Cardinals fandom. Yes, there were highly touted prospects before him. But in between the time he signed (June 2005) until his MLB debut (April 2009), technology was revolutionized. And revolutionized is probably too small of a descriptor. It was […]


A Quick Word About Fredbird’s Birthday & Those Other Mascots

Caveat – I get it… it’s not meant for me. It’s for the KEEEDS. But I just don’t get it. 1) If you’re a fan of the Cardinals and you’re trying to brainwash your kids into being fans of the Cardinals, why introduce other characters they might like better, like a moose or cat? 2) […]


Cardinals End Up Winning The Weekend

Sometimes you get the breaks, sometimes the breaks get you. For six innings on Sunday afternoon, Matt Garza was making the Cardinals look even worse than the toothless offense we’ve watched most of 2014. It was cold. And it was clinical. When the Brewers took the field in the bottom of the 7th, Garza (whose […]


Game 108: OMFG. Are You Serious Right Now?

I. Can’t. EVEN. So now Wainwright is awful? We’ve come to expect the limp bats, but Wain-O got shelled in the biggest game of the year so far. And that’s 2 shellacking’s since his All-Star Game brouhaha. But what really is galling is Mike Matheny’s quotes to Rick Hummel of the Post-Dispatch: “It’s not the […]