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Labor Day + The Friday Links

Labor Day. Now, The Friday Links… Marvel is out of control. LINK HERE Before & after: special effects. LINK HERE (click pic to enlarge) Good to know. LINK HERE Ernie made it. LINK HERE Right answer. LINK HERE One way to look at it. LINK HERE That’s it. That’s the work week. You’ve been laboring all […]


We Got A New Mick Fennell Backflipping Video

The Cardinals drafted Mick Fennell in the 22nd round of the 2016 draft from the very confusingly named California University of Pennslyvania. Why are we all sitting around talking about a 22nd round draft pick who’s played 37 games of low A ball in the middle of a Wild Card race? Well, because the dude […]

WS Trophy

If The Cubs Keep Winning The Cardinals Make The Playoffs

The Cardinals have 70 wins after a nail-biter in Milwaukee tonight. They currently hold a 2.5 game lead for the 2nd Wild Card spot in the National League. If you’re nervous about the Cardinals playoff chances, let me make you feel better… the Cubs are really, really good. The Cubs? The Cubs. Here are the current […]

Oct 26, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Kolten Wong throws to first base in the 8th inning against the Boston Red Sox during game three of the MLB baseball World Series at Busch Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Kolten Wong Gives The Angry Email Interview

Today you’re going to read Rob Rains’ interview/piece on STL Sports Page and feel all sorts of emotions. You’ll probably be a little sad (dude has pretty much been buried on the bench). You’ll probably be a little confused (why is he giving this interview now, exactly?). You’ll probably be a little mad (do the […]


The Cardinals Are Really Going To Have A Losing Home Record In 2016?

I didn’t think they were really going to do it. Trying to make the playoffs with a losing record at home is like trying to use Ryan Lochte as character reference on your resume – you may still get the job, sure, but it’s probably not helping your case. Too soon? But here we are. […]


Carlos Martinez Is Getting Real Close

Mark Saxon of ESPN wrote an article on Carlos Martinez earlier this month that included this anecdote about a conversation he and Mike Matheny had after the day after his worst start of the season (versus ATL) : [A] photographer snapped a shot of Matheny having an animated conversation with Martinez. The manager, who speaks […]



Jaime Garcia’s Consistant Inconsistency Continues

After his August 10th start against the Cincinnati Reds, everything was swell. Jaime Garcia had just twirled a second consecutive gem, going 8 innings and surrendering only 2 earned runs. His bloated ERA was finally pushed below 4.00 (3.93, to be exact) while also tipping his record into the positive (9-8). Cardinals fans were cautiously optimistic that […]


A Quick Defense Of Dan & Al

Awful Announcing has released their 2016 ‘Local MLB TV Announcer Rankings‘. Dan & Al did not fare well. They ranked 30th (and, yes, there are only 30 teams, but technically there are 32 broadcast parings, so they’re not last…). From the site: Most popular grade: F (35.66% of votes) Analysis: The Cardinals were one of two […]


Gateway Grizzlies Player Smashes Own Windshield With Grand Slam

Ever been to a Gateway Grizzles game? I know, I know. If you just looked up the address to GCS Ballpark, you’d think it was something totally different. But I promise you it’s just independent baseball… nothing more. You should go if you haven’t been. If only for the chance that something interesting will happen that’s […]


Looks Like Busch Stadium Is Hard To Ball-Hawk In

Zack Hample has collected over 9,000 foul/homerun/batting practice baseballs, including beauts like A-Rod’s 3,000th hit and Mike Trout’s 1st home run. He’s so good at ball-hawking, he’s written a book on the subject. I was down the YouTube rabbit hole when I came across a vlog he posted from Busch Stadium about 10 months ago. Turns […]

The Friday Links

Rolls Royce Hood Ornaments + The Friday Links

This is what a Rolls Royce hood ornament looks like: Classy, right? So classy, in fact, they don’t even call it a hood ornament, they call it ‘The Spirit of Ecstasy’. With a name like that, ever wonder why you don’t hear about these things getting stolen? It’s good to be rich. Now, The […]


The Cardinals Have Missed Playing The Astros

In the span of less than 24 hours, the Cardinals went into Houston, scored 16 runs, took down 2 wins and peaced it to Philly. It was a mugging. Quick and brutal. The Astros are probably still in Minute Maid Field looking around at each other with their arms up in the air wondering what […]

Cardinals Fans In Houston Brought It Tonight

The finish to the 2016 Cardinals season has yet to be written. For all we know, 2 1/2 months from now confetti could be floating down from Market Street skyscrapers and #12in16 could be a reality. Entering Tuesday night’s game against the Houston Astros in Minute Maid Park, though, the Cardinals’ season hasn’t been anything […]