Cardinals Went To Pittsburgh And Did Work

Hello there, beautiful. The Cardinals went to Pittsburgh on Friday tied for 2nd in the NL Central and awake in their St. Louis crash pads Monday with a three game lead on the Pirates, completing what has been – by a wide margin – the best week of the year so far. We didn’t even […]


Cardinals Get To 4 Games Over .500 For First Time In 2016

Like two ships passing in the night, the Cardinals were able to salvage a series win against the very bad Reds on Thursday night with good starting pitching ANNNNND timely hitting. I’ll pause here if you need to grab a tissue. It’s been a grind to get through the first 60 games. But somehow, some […]


The Dummies Guide To The Cardinals 2016 Draft (So Far…)

The MLB first-year player draft started with round 1 picks on Thursday night. What, you didn’t know? It’s cool. Promise it doesn’t make you less of a Cardinals fan. Unlike NFL or NBA draftees – you’re not going to see these players for at least a few years (if ever) playing ball in St. Louis. Unlike […]

CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 5:  Jake Arrieta #49 of the Chicago Cubs pitches in the first inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Wrigley Field on June 5, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Save Big on MLB Tickets with Promo Code “TSD5”

Going to the game this weekend?  If you need tickets for the upcoming game or any other, you can use promo code “TSD5” at Ticket Network and save 5% off your order. This deal isn’t limited to baseball tickets. You can use our promo code to purchase tickets for Copa America matches, Concerts, and other events. If you […]


You Have Losses And Then You Have Losses

There’s no way to know how many ‘THIS COULD BE THE TURNING POINT OF THE SEASON’ articles/blogs were started then quickly abandoned in a 10-minute minute span earlier tonight. My guess? More than a couple. After the Cardinals blew a flat through 7 innings (trailing 6-1 to the very, very bad Reds), the boys punched […]


Kolten Wong Hopefully Will Find His Fun In Memphis

On multiple occasions Saturday evening, Joe Buck told a national viewing audience on FS1 that Kolten Wong was – and I’m paraphrasing here – a talented baseball player that will be an impactful part of the Cardinals for some time to come. Wong promptly supermaned a play to his right to punctuate probably the best win […]


Rick Ankiel Hired By Fox Sports Midwest As Studio Analyst

And he’s set to make his debut @ 5:30p on TUE JUN 7 before the Cardinals take on the Cincinnati Reds. If you have a wife, girlfriend or friend w/ benefits, please know that this is your final warning. You have 3+ days to move her to another city, otherwise… well, you won’t have a […]

The Friday Links

Jim Carrey Commencement Address + The Friday Links

It’s graduation season. Over the past few weeks (or over the next few), you’ll probably know at least one person that is graduating from somewhere. And it got me thinking about commencement speeches. You may have seen this, you may have not, but – surprisingly – one of the best commencement speeches I’ve come across […]


Baseball (And This Cardinals Team) Is Weird

Not like the creepy weird – the weird that makes you uncomfortable. But the fun weird – the ‘didn’t expect that’ weird. On April 8th, the Cardinals had 3 players rip pinch-hit home runs in a single game, marking the first occurrence of this particular feat in MLB history. We thought it might be a one-game […]


Cardinals, Like Frozen Butter, Having Problems Getting On Roll

You were probably at work this afternoon and missed the last game of the Cardinals / Brewers series. So I’ve embedded the highlights below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JEciHX3hYU You know how I know you just wanted to get out of town? That’s the box score of a game where you’re either playing the lovechild of Clayton Kershaw and […]


Liverpool And Roma Playing @ Busch Stadium August 1

St. Louis may have not locked down a MLS team (yet), but international soccer teams are making Busch Stadium a destination for friendlies. On MON AUG 1, Liverpool will take on Roma. Kickoff is set for 7:30p. Tickets for the event will go on sale WED JUN 8 @ 10a (CT). You can order online […]


Wacha Flocka Flamed

Look at that picture of Yadi and Matheny above. We’ve been there. We’ve seen those looks. Dad, nose turned up. Can’t even look at you after he’s seen what you’ve done. Ain’t my son. Mom, eyes bubbling with tears, fidgeting with her fingers to ease the stress. Wondering just where everything went so wrong. The […]


Cardinals Fans Most Likely To Benefit From Papa John’s Deal

If you thought that Cardinals fans were the only ones getting hit with Papa John’s ads touting themselves as the ‘official pizza’ of the team, it turns out that 21 other MLB clubs have similar deals in place. And all of them include the do X and get Y clause. In the Cardinals case, it’s: 1 […]