The Friday Links

The Friday Links

The Blues picked up the 2014-15 season where they left off 2013-14. They’re already 2 points behind the Blackhawks and 0-1 at home. Worse, they looked flat in pretty much every aspect of the game. Perhaps when they were asked to emulate their cross-town brethren, they accidentally popped in the Rams game-tape instead of this? The […]

Andy Cohen

The Cardinals Drama Is Worthy Of An Andy Cohen After Show

It’s only been a week? 6 days ago we were right here. Chomping at the bit for the Adam Wainwright/Clayton Kershaw oober match-up wondering if we’d be able to sleep through the night; plotting early exit strategies for work on Friday. Somehow, some way, the following three things happened: 1) This became funny: 2) The […]


Tavern On Little Fort Is the New & Best Cardinals Bar In Chicago

It’s over. For years it’s been known as ‘The Cardinals Bar’ in Chicago. But the run is done… the king has been dethroned. It’s curtains for Sedgwick’s. ‘The Sedge’ had a good run. RIP. There is a new, best Cardinals bar in Chicago and it’s called Tavern on Little Fort. (LINK HERE) They join Stoney’s […]


NLDS GM 4: The Apple Of Emotional Investments

Charles Barkley had Michael Jordan. Jim Kelly had Troy Aikman. Ted Williams had… Babe Ruth’s curse? —– One of the most tired tropes of sports talk is the list of ‘best who’ve never won the big one’. Just ask any of the men above. But as long as we’re going to have this distinguished group […]


NLDS GM 3: The Bulldog You Didn’t Know You Wanted

July 31st. The Cardinals were stagnant. The juggernaut that St. Louis expected to see had failed to launch. And in its place was a shell of the NL Championship team that looked poised for a sustained run 10 months prior. Injuries (Wacha, Garcia), dead arms (Wainwright) and inconsistency (Miller) were starting to take a toll […]


An NLDS Game Via Tweets

Lazy? You bet. But why not take someone else’s hard work and re-purpose it here? Tweets during post-season games come fast and furious. So this is more like a public service than anything. This. Will. Never. Happen. Dodgers fans hate Matt Carpenter. Still breaks our heart just a little. He misses Matty Holliday so bad. […]


Cards/Dodgers Is the New Yankees/Sox

Not so long ago, you couldn’t get away with not seeing he Yankees & Sox play baseball. After the Red Sox stunned the baseball world (including their own fans) by coming back from a 3-0 deficit in the 2004 ALCS, the programmers at ESPN and FOX went whole hog on the series anytime they played. […]


NLDS GM 2: The Cardinals Are The Floyd Mayweather Of Baseball

The Cardinals are still determining where the 2014 team will rank in the pantheon of great teams. And, yes, considering that only 27 Cardinals teams have made the playoffs in their 114 year history, this team has already become of the greats. Can they crack the top 11? Time will tell. If they do, time […]


NY Times: Cardinals Don’t “Deserve” To Win World Series

Cardinals fans are getting trolled on the daily at this point. Now the ‘Old Gray Lady’ has joined Deadspin and the Wall Street Journal on the dogpile, claiming that of all the teams left in the MLB Playoffs, the Cardinals deserve to win the World Series the least. How did they determine this? But a […]


NLDS GM 1: “I Don’t Believe What I Just Saw”

Why not Oscar Taveras? The wunder-prospect that took too long to call-up, that took a trade to get in the line-up, that never really took to hitting MLB pitching and found himself as a bench player during the end of the season… why couldn’t he come in and with one swing erase a season of […]


5 Super Bold Predictions: LAD vs STL NLDS

You know who I really feel sorry for? The two Cardinals fans that got plucked off the AP photo wire for Deadspin’s semi-regular trolling of ‘The Nation’. I just went on Facebook. Every other post is about Drew Magary’s article called “The Mayor Of St. Louis Is A Dipshit”. You can read the whole article; […]