Lebron Baseball

LeBron James Chooses… The St. Louis Cardinals

Ok, not really. But dang, wouldn’t that be awesome if he pulled an MJ and ended up in the Cardinals organization? At this point in the speculation, I wouldn’t totally rule it out, no matter how small the chances. I can already hear the payroll truthers now… ‘how we gon’ afford Boone Whiting in 2021 […]


Game 91: The Force Is Now With The Cardinals?

Last night was Star Wars night at Busch Stadium. Hence Chewbacca up there hurling out the first pitch. If you watched the game on ESPN, you might of noticed the whole production going HAM on the Star Wars theme. And if you felt like it was very corporate synergy-ish, you’d be right: Lucasfilm is owned […]


Score One For the Pragmatists In Cardinal Nation

The Brewers are struggling. 3-7 in their past 10 and losers of 3 games in a row (including 6 of 7), this is the first true strife that Milwaukee has faced in 2014. Throughout April and then May and then June we thought this was coming… after all, the Brewers were inferior to the Cardinals […]


Alleged Murderer Has Cardinals Face Tattoo

Oh boy. This isn’t good. According to Deadspin, the man pictured below was arrested over the weekend and charged with Murder. He’s got 2 face tattoos that stand out to sports fans: the White Sox & Cardinals logos. Further, he’s absolutely no relation to Mark Buehrle. This is NOT the Cardinals Way, people. Let’s get […]

Bset Stuff

Wainwright Without His “Best Stuff”

Adam Wainwright pitched 7 scoreless innings for the Cardinals last night against the Pirates and lowered his NL leading ERA to a miniscule 1.79 for the season. He hasn’t been scored on in 14 2/3 consecutive innings as of right now. When is scoreless not good enough? When Adam Wainwright is on the mound. Looks […]

World Cup

The 5 Best Things About The World Cup

The World Cup only has 4 matches left (1 being a 3rd place game no one will be particularly jacked about being in). This makes me more sad than I expected. I mean, I’ve watched World Cups before and didn’t really care all that much. And I can’t say that I’m anything but a super […]


Four Cardinals Selected To 2014 MLB All-Star Game

The St. Louis Cardinals will be represented by four players at the 2014 All-Star Game next Tuesday, July 15th in Minneapolis. Adam Wainwright – 1.89 ERA Yadier Molina – 17 Rtot/yr Matt Carpenter – 2.2 oWAR Pat Neshek – 3 ER in 35 IP The National League team will be managed by Mike Matheny. Wainwright’s […]

Jamie Garcia

The Jaime Garcia Injury Drama Has Boiled Over

In a season that has an unexpected amount of on-field tumult, frustrations have crept outside the lines and boiled over into the media. “Do I sound frustrated? Do I look frustrated? I am frustrated.” That’s a John Mozeliak quote from Joe Strauss’ column today in the Post-Dispatch. He’s specifically talking about Jaime Garcia’s decision to […]


Happy Birthday, Buddy

Yes, you. We’re buddies, right? Well Happy Birthday! Thanks for taking the time to click on The CD during your holiday weekend. I don’t know what you were expecting from this particular post, but if it was mildly interesting 4th of July facts… you’re in luck. To wit: July Fourth is the “biggest hot dog […]


Here’s To The Dapper Kid @ The Cardinals / Giants Game

1.89 ERA. Impressive? Sure is, Mr. Wainwright. But one can’t help but wonder if your performance last night wasn’t inspired, at least a little, by the young man behind home plate in a stovepipe hat and bow-tie? You weren’t the only one putting on a show. Kudos to that kid. And his stylist.


Cardinals Sartorialist: 2014 All Star Game Hats

This is the new cap that St. Louis Cardinals All-Stars will wear during the game. I get it. The Cardinals aren’t making this decision for themselves. They’re part of the MLB merchandise machine. They’re just sending out the e-mails containing this cap because MLB mandated they send out the e-mails. But is anyone trying that […]

Cardinal Way

Cardinals Dissapoint On ‘The Way’ Power Rankings

Baseball Prospectus has recently created The [Your Team Name Here] Way Power Rankings. Oh. The Cardinals are so going to dominate this, right? Tell me that they’re #1. They have to be #1. Mr. Sam Miller explain what all this is about and just how much the Cardinals dominated: So the Cardinal Way stuff has […]