Bill Mueller Hired As Cardinals Assistant Hitting Coach

The most recent memory many Cardinals fans have of Bill Mueller is his .429 batting average and 8 total bases against St. Louis in the 2004 World Series. 10 years later, he joins the team he help dismember as the assistant hitting coach serving under John Mabry. The former (2003) AL batting champ brings a […]


Jon Lester Will Not Be A Cardinal in 2015

So Jim Bowden has a Twitter account and posted this to it yesterday: Wha? Like Jon Lester? The real Jon Lester? The guy that this was written about on ESPN sabermetrician Dan Szymborski crunched some numbers and determined that Lester is actually worth $145 million over six seasons, an annual average of $24.2 million. […]

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2015 Cardinals Spring Training Information

Now that Jason Heyward is in the fold, Spring Training can’t get here soon enough. The Cardinals 28 game exhibition schedule begins on Thursday March 5th 2015. Because we exhausted every bit of off-season creativity with the posting yesterday, let’s regurgitate some talking points from the the e-mail the Cardinals just sent over: This is […]


Your Jason Heyward Primer

Jason Heyward. He’s a Cardinal as of Monday morning. Woot. But you don’t know Jason Heyward. I mean, you know a little bit, but not a ton. And you need to cut through the crap and learn what you really want to know. So we’re here to help. Give me the basics. He’s 25. Throws […]


Even Deadspin Likes The Heyward Trade For The Cards

Deadspin has had a good amount of fun of trolling Cardinals Nation recently. Here’s a smattering of headlines written just in the past couple of months: Bruce Bochy, the anti-Mathney Hate mail from Cardinals fans Cardinals fans get ugly in clash with Ferguson protesters Why the Cardinals suck But look – even they like the […]


Reaction: Jason Heyward Is A Cardinal

Here’s some reaction to the blockbuster trade the Cardinals and Braves just announced. The Cardinals are shipping Shelby Miller (SP) and Tyrell Jenkins (P) to the Braves in exchange for Jason Heyward (RF) and Jordan Walden (RP). The GOOD: The BAD: The BRAVES FANS: The INTERESTING: Photo: Glogster

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Answering The Made Up Questions Of The Off-Season

Friends, it’s the fallow season. The playoffs are becoming more of a distant memory as the holidays draw closer. The weather is decidedly un-baseball. Free agency hasn’t really started. And spring training  is still about 100 days away. It’s time for sites like this to start making up shit to write about. And we’re not […]

The Friday Links

The Friday Links + Serial

I made this recommendation on Twitter a week or two ago, but if you’re not on board with ‘Serial’, it’s time to get on board. It’s great. Here’s the first episode: Yes. It’s a podcast. No. Listening to a podcast won’t automatically manifest a scarlet ‘D’ for dork on your chest. Yes. It’s well worth […]


What Are The Chances Carlos Gonzalez Is A Cardinal By Opening Day?

Not good. But let’s go through this anyway. PROS: The last 2 seasons prior to 2014, Gonzalez was an All-Star and Gold Glove winner. He’s a corner outfielder. Under contract for 3 more years @ 53M total. Career .520 SLG. CONS:  He ended last season under the knife to repair a torn patella tendon. Compares […]


The News No One Wanted About Oscar Taveras

Oscar Taveras was drunk. —– In 2009, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released this video of an offset crash between a 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air and a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu. Colloquialisms about old cars being ‘tanks’ or ‘indestructible’ are not only wrong – they’re really wrong. Cars built in 2014 are MUCH more safe than […]


Saluting The Veterans On Their Day

Jay Hanna Dean was born January 16th 1910 in Lucas, Arkansas. Before the Cardinals retired his number 17 from use. Before he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame. Before he won 30 games (!) in 1934 and led a staff immortalized as the ‘Gashouse Gang’, young Dean was just a kid that wanted […]


Ballpark Village Becoming More Ominous…

Earlier this week, The Riverfront Times went long on Ballpark Village taking every single dollar of commerce from downtown STL this summer. Rough estimate, of course. Now, the Twitter feed of BPV is transitioning into more broodier territory: Don’t what!? Just DON’T. OK? You’ve seen what this multipurpose behemoth can do to former stalwarts like […]

The Friday Links

The Friday Links + Adult Swim

Last week we thought ‘The Far Side’ cartoon was weird. Comparatively, it was not weird. Let’s back up, though. Because you probably didn’t know this – but Adult Swim is one of the most popular channels on TV. Did you know that? According to the NY Times: Adult Swim is the top-rated cable network in […]